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Arathi Lynx Mounts in The War Within

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Here's a preview of Arathi Lynx mounts coming in The War Within expansion.

The mounts currently have no source indicated and come in various tints as shown below.











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recolors... great..


what about hire the designers who designed the t5 and t6 sets, the last cool unique items in the game?

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On 4/20/2024 at 11:46 PM, zigrifid said:

Ok i might have misread your title and thought of this 



I can see riding that np.

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      Mage damage overall will be tuned taking Temporal Warp’s removal into account as these changes roll in.
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      We’re still working on the changes, but we can share this: Radiant Spark will be redesigned to be much simpler. It will also have a competitive choice node for people who do not like the scripted style of gameplay it incentivizes. We’re also looking at increasing the power of Arcane’s procs and giving them more exciting procs, such that responding to them as they come up is almost always the best move, even in your burns.
      Fire will likely be the first to test new changes. These changes are targeted at giving Fire more talent options, particularly in AOE. We want you to be able to assess the encounter and adjust your talents accordingly, and that means being able to alter how good Ignite/Flamestrike/Phoenix Flames are at different target counts. We’re also taking a look at Fire’s suite of maintenance buffs and culling a select few of them.
      With the exception of a few talents, which we’re looking to address, we’re feeling good about Frost’s gameplay and tree. Our first batch of changes for Frost will be small in scope, and targeted at adding a new build that should reminiscent of the Deathborne playstyle from Shadowlands, while also freeing up some talent points.
      Thank you for your continued feedback, and we’re excited to hear more from you in the weeks to come.
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      We have yet another interesting set of mounts coming with the next expansion, and while they're not... traditionally pretty, they sure are cool! The cave grubs are another ground mount in an expansion that is really focusing on flying, with the Dynamic Flight expansion of Dragonriding, so we really hope that rumored dynamic ground mount system comes in sooner rather than later. Could this be another burrowing mount perhaps?
      More cool looking Mounts from The War Within Expansion in #worldofwarcraft

      This one looks Nerubian inspiried, which is very cool! pic.twitter.com/SZRY6rdg2Y
      And here's the mount special animation, courtesy of keyboardturn:
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