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Is fan of knives broken?

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I have been searching and cannot find an answer to this. I haven't read where FoK was not spammable anymore yet while in 5 mans I cannot, in the world while questing, etc - I can.


Anyone else have this issue, did I miss something obvious>?

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How do you mean "is not spammable"? You can get off a few before running out of energy, but that's normal


So instead of the way it's been for years when you can just click button 'x' over and over (energy pending)...I have been only able to click button 'x' once in dungeons so could not generate CP's with it


I discovered later that if I tabbed between mobs a,b,c in a trash pack that I could spam it, click 'x' tab, click 'x' tab and so on. It's weird and it's definitely not what I am used to but I can deal with it. I just wondered if this was intended or could there be a ui issue...been searching for similar threads but could only find one in D3

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