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Stormwind and Orgrimmar "3.0" Fan-Made Reworks

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It seems Cataclysm Classic is bringing change to everyone's minds, as LucasVerBeek took it upon himself to rework the two faction capitals!

It's been a while since we saw some major changes to the two cities, and LucasVerBeek has modified quite a lot and even expanded them! While Stormwind is fully completed, Orgrimmar is still a work in progress, and when it's done we'll be getting full lore documents to explain all the changes. Meanwhile let's take a look at the Alliance capital first, as well as accompanying explanations for a few of the changes.

Source: Stormwind 3.0 is Finished, moving on to Orgrimmar.

Here is the initial "changelog", before the whole thing was finished:

Stormwinds Updates Include:

The canal between the Cathedral Square and the Trade District has become an unofficial nobles district, as noble families have purchased housing.

Old Town: Not much has changed, but the Defias Remnant have found their way back into Stormwind, establishing themselves as vigilantes and working thieve's guild.

Lamb's Shadow: While still part of the Mage Quarter, most natives consider it its own subculture, the name being a polite way to talk about its centerpiece: The Slaughtered Lamb. This area has grown, seeing permanent enclaves of Illadari and Death Knights joining the Warlocks, and also seeing a number of Void Elves migrate to the area.

Quadhammer District: Formally the Dwarven District, the district has evolved and grown, becoming a center of artifice with smaller enclaves of each of the Alliance's more smithing and inventing inclined races: Bronzebeards, Gnomes(Mecha and Otherwise), Dark Irons, and Draenei in that order. The keep near the district that is basically a big nothing-in-game has become the centerpiece of the Lightforged forces within the city, established by Turalyon not long after he took command.

The Pandarian Quarter: Growing from the visiting Tuishi and mainland Pandaren people, the area has become a training ground for monks and a lively entertainment district with a number of new inns and pubs popping up across the lake. Little Pearfin is a subsection of the quarter beneath the waves home to emigrated Jinyu.

Kur'Dor Point: With the growth of the Pandarian Quarter, the Shamans of the Earthern Ring felt a desire to grow closer to nature and moved into Stormwind's northern Mountains. Here, a fusion of Wildhammer and Draenei architecture juts into the sky and has become a font of Shamanistic learning for the Alliance.

Everwood District: Feeling disquieted in a city more stone and mortar than leaf and bough the Darnassian refugees petitioned Anduin to be able to settle in the small wood outside Stormwind to the south-east, near the Genasaur Grave. While many have since left for Belameth, or older Night Elf Territories, others remain having set down roots and training others in the Druidic arts. Notably, most of the current citizens of Everwood are Firbolgs, feeling ignored and underrepresented by the plights of their former neighbors.

Wollerton: Sometimes mockingly referred to as Wolverton, became a sizable Gilnean enclave, though most of the Worgen citizens took to the Everwood District instead, as it allowed easier access to the wider Elwynn Forest. The Embassy, was moved into the Keep by Turalyon, and the building now sits as an unofficial town hall.

Swellnook: A influx of Kul Tiran immigrants saw a reformating of the city's docks, and the rise of a small seaside community of fisherfolk and carpenters, that remains Kul Tiran dominated to this day, excluding the Waveblade Ankoan, who live nearest to the docks, and visiting Tortollans.

Creche Obsidian: The newest enclave to arise in Stormwind, the Dracthyr build it with advisement from the Blue and Black Dragonflights, a glassing tower of stone that sits as an outpost for the Obsidian Warders. As a show of good faith, Deathwing's jaw was moved into the small valley beside the tower.

And here are a few questions answered on the final piece:

If you look at the lake to the south east there are Jinyu living beneath the waves

The Nelves moved the Hyjal portal there and also settled that area because of the remains of the Genesaur flooding the area around their with Spirit/Life Magic. It’s becoming a place for other races to learn about Druidism

The Everbloom portal has been changed to be a connection to Hyjal

Then we're on to Orgrimmar, which isn't quite done yet so looks a lot more sparse:

Source: Orgrimmar 3.0 is coming along.


They are some pretty cool modifications (and expansions), made Inkarnate, so thanks to LucasVerBeek for some impressive work, and we hope he finished it all up and we get the full lore dump!

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