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Death Knight Changes in War Within Alpha Build 54605

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We're going over the latest Death Knight changes that went live in the fourth War Within Alpha build!

Both Frost and Unholy specializations have received numerous changes in the latest Alpha build!

  • Blizzard has increased the effectiveness of Runeforge effects from 10% to 20% by buffing Unholy Bond.
  • The Stamina increase from Veteran of the Third War has been upped to 20% for Blood Death Knights, providing greater survivability.
  • Suppression has been updated with a damage reduction boost when you're under a loss of control effect.
  • Icebound Fortitude's damage reduction now scales up to 20% based on missing health.
  • Icy Talons has been buffed from 3% to 6% per stack, allowing for faster attacks (faster resource regeneration) and more damage output (more frequent use of Frost Strike and Obliterate).
  • Sudden Doom now makes Death Coil or Epidemic critically strike in addition to removing their cost.
  • Death Knights also received plenty of new spells that you will find below.

Death Knight Changes

  • Unholy Bond- Increases the effectiveness of your Runeforge effects by 10% 20%.
  • Veteran of the Third War- Blood: Stamina increased by 40% 50%. Damage taken reduced by 10%. Frost, Unholy: Stamina increased by 10% 20%.
  • Suppression- Damage taken from area of effect attacks reduced by 3%. When suffering a loss of control effect, this bonus is increased by an additional 6% for 6 sec.
  • Bloody Fortitude- Icebound Fortitude reduces all damage you take by up to an additional 20% based on your missing health. Killing enemies that grant honor or experience reduce an enemy that yields experience or honor reduces the cooldown of Icebound Fortitude by 3 sec.
  • Painful Death- Reaper's Mark deals 10% increased damage and Exterminate empowers an additional Obliterate, but now reduces its cost by 1 Rune and its first scythe has a 50% increased chance to apply Reaper's Mark. Additionally, Exterminate now has a 30% chance to apply Reaper's Mark.
  • Icy Talons- Your Runic Power spending abilities increase your melee attack speed by 3% 6% for 10 sec, stacking up to 3 times.
  • Sudden Doom- Your auto attacks have a 25% chance to make your next Death Coil or Epidemic cost no Runic Power and critically strike.
  • Rider's Champion- Spending Runes has a chance to call forth the aid of a Horsemen for 0 10 sec. Mograine Casts Death and Decay at his location that follows his position. Whitemane Casts Undeath on your target dealing [ 12.71% of Attack Power ] Shadowfrost damage per stack every 3 sec, for 24 sec. Each time Undeath deals damage it gains a stack. Cannot be Refreshed. Trollbane Casts chains Chains of Ice on your target slowing their movement speed by 70% 40% and increasing the damage they take from you by 5% for 8 sec. Nazgrim While Nazgrim is active you gain Apocalyptic Conquest, increasing your Strength by 5%.
  • Assimilation- The amount absorbed by Anti-Magic Zone is increased by 10% and grants up to 100 Runic Power based on the amount absorbed its cooldown is reduced by 30 sec.
  • Blood Draw- When you fall below 30% health you drain 0 health from nearby enemies, the damage you take is reduced by 10% and your Death Strike cost is reduced by 10 for 8 sec. Can only occur every 3 min.
  • Ebon Fever- Virulent Plague deals Diseases deal 15% more damage over time in half the duration
  • Cleaving Strikes-  Scourge Strike hits up to 7 additional enemies while you remain in Death and Decay. When leaving your Death and Decay you retain its bonus effects for 4 sec.
  • Festermight- Popping a Festering Wound increases your Strength by 1% for 20 sec stacking. Does not refresh duration Multiple instances may overlap.
  • Blood Scent- Increases Leech by 3% 5%.
  • Doomed Bidding (New)- Consuming Sudden Doom calls upon a Magus of the Dead to assist you for 8 sec.
  • Null Magic (New)- Magic Damage taken is reduced by 10% and the duration of harmful Magic effects against you are reduced by 35%.
  • Menacing Magus (New)- Your Magus of the Dead Shadow Bolt now fires a volley of Shadow Bolts at up to 4 nearby enemies.
  • [NYI] Under Construction (New)- This talent is not yet implemented and is waiting to be raised from the dead.
  • Raise Abomination (New)- Raises an Abomination for 30 sec which wanders and attacks enemies, applying Festering Wound when it melees targets, and affecting all those nearby with Virulent Plague.
  • Runic Protection (New)- Your chance to be critically struck is reduced by 3% and your Armor is increased by 3%.
  • Vestigial Shell (New)- Casting Anti-Magic Shell grants 2 nearby allies a Lesser Anti-Magic Shell that Absorbs up to [ 425% of Attack Power ] magic damage and reduces the duration of harmful Magic effects against them by 50%.
  • Foul Infections (New)- Your diseases deal 10% more damage and have a 5% increased chance to critically strike.
  • [NYI] Under Construction (New)- This talent is not yet implemented and is waiting to be raised from the dead.
  • Ice Prison (New)- Chains of Ice now also roots enemies for 4 sec but its cooldown is increased to 12 sec.
  • Osmosis (New)- Anti-Magic Shell increases healing received by 15%.
  • Subduing Grasp (New)- When you pull an enemy the damage they deal to you is reduced by 4% for 6 sec.

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