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Comparing DW vs 2h Sheet DPS

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I'm sure i'm being completely thick here, but I cant seem to figure out if a 2h is indeed an upgrade over 2, 1h items.


The tooltip seems to simply combine the 1h DPS and compare to the 2h, but isnt there an OH penalty for dps while DWing?



I have Skullthumper of Trials and Admiral Taylor's Cutlass equipped. Tooltip showsKihrawr's Scratching Post as an 85.7 dps loss. This doesnt feel right to me.

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Considering the two hander gives you 48 more agility, I'd say it's way worth using the two hander instead just because of the added agility.

DWing gives your autoattacks a 17% chance to miss, which is the only penalty there is.

Generally DWing is better, but since your two hand is at a way higher ilvl you should replace it, imo

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I would love to see some math/sims on this question because it has frustrated me for quite some time.  The only thing I ever hear that makes any sense is that, all else being equal (i.e. one 2H vs two 1H of equal item level) the main benefit to DWing is being able to field two weapon enchants.  But I can never find any clear answer anywhere of how the numbers all work out (all the wiki sites tend to be fairly out of date as regards the actual math on dual wielding, so it's hard for me to build any formulas.)  The one time I tried to sort it all out it seemed to come out as a wash (except for the two enchants).  But again, I feel pretty confident that I had something wrong somewhere.  :/

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