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90+ Greens?

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Since I've now leveled 2 up to 100 and am in a dire need of Draenic dust; does anyone know of a fast way to acquire WoD greens for disenchants?

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I manage to get quite a lot through my salvage yard, note you get a lot of pre WoD low level greens as well but still not a bad turn over.

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There has been some WoW Forum posts that have picked up a lot of replies about this.  All along the lines of Dust is 3x or more rare than Shards and that Shards should be breakable into dust.  I havent checked back in or heard an answer on Twitter but if this is the case and they are not breakable, I'd suggest posting on the threads and using Twitter to get the Devs attention.  More posts the better, we saw what has flipflopped with the loot design this lockout.







are some of the more active ones.

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