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Unholy DK dps gear issues

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This is my first expansion playing the Unholy DK spec but so far have really enjoyed it.  Just have one question is all.  


Is anyone else finding that all their upgrade gear from heroics has Haste?


This stat is the least of our worries and so far i feel that all my upgrades I receive in heroics are causing my dps to remain the same or go down.  I need to grab the pieces to get a higher Ilvl.  I haven't done much research into first raid and what their gear drops are.  I still do fairly good dps on most encounters but just feel that when someone is 615ilvl ret pally and they are doing the same amount of dps/damage in a 4 min encounter roughly 15k.  I am at 630 ilvl.




I follow this rotation and do not deviate from it at all unless or rare occassions.


Feel free to leave any comments


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You are just a victim of rng at the moment, haste really is not a valuable stat at all to unholy dks. You're really looking for multistrike and then secondly mastery. Once highmaul drops you'll see more multistrike heavy pieces drop. 


Also in your post you said you follow "this" rotation  but I didn't see it anywhere. If you post rotation or logs we could help out with that further. 

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