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Hey everyone,

I've been soloing old raid content on my lvl90 'lock. However, at the point of ICC I'm running into trouble. I managed to down Lord Marrowgar but Lady Deathwhisper keeps killing me (well, the adds actually) during phase 1. I've seen her being killed even pre-MoP but I'm at a loss. I've tried as destro and as demo, but nothing seems to work. I'm too inexperienced yet with Affliction in MoP to give it a shot altho of course if that's the way to go I'm going for it.

Is there anyone who can give some tips how to get this woman down? (or any other ICC bosses for that matter).

Thanks a lot!

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You may just need to learn the fight. Yes its old content and there are videos of people all over soloing it, but don't assume these people walk in and kill it on their first attempt and put it on YouTube. Often times they spend hours, days, our even weeks learning it.

Don't get discouraged. I promote the soloing of hard stuff because it makes you seriously learn every facet of your class. You literally need to often use every ability you have at the right time in the right order to do it.

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