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Sunken Temple Raid Loot Upgraded: May 24th

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The previously announced buff to raid drops in Sunken Temple has arrived to Season of Discovery! Casters are getting better loot and some previously rare items will now be Epic quality as well.

Blizzard LogoSunken Temple (Source)

With hotfixes that are now live, we’ve updated many items that drop in Sunken Temple to be better for casters and more rewarding in general.

A number of previously non-Epic items are now Epic quality, and in many cases, stats have been added or increased.

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    • By Staff
      Season of Discovery Phase 4 testing continues on the PTR with a new build that brings class changes and various other adjustments. Read the development notes to find out what's new!
      WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 4 PTR Development Notes - June 21st, 2024
      Build: 55244patch1.15.3
      Testing Focus
      We’ve made a number of adjustments to classes since our previous release and we are continuing to review feedback. We’d encourage you to test the new changes and continue to provide commentary in this forum. We greatly appreciate all of the feedback we’ve received so far!
      This week we’ve also significantly buffed Testwerk’s health and damage to allow the fight to last around twice as long and to put a bit more pressure on healers and tanks for better test data. Please give him a try!
      Lastly, we are also enabling the Blackrock Eruption events on PTR to allow players to test that as well. You can find more information about the Blackrock Eruption below. Please note that this content is still a work-in-progress.
      Blackrock Eruption
      Occurring every 2 hours starting at midnight, the Blackrock Eruption event will occur. While the event is active additional spawns and environmental hazards will occur in Searing Gorge (this will be expanded to Burning Steppes as well in a later update) and players will gain access to new daily quests at Thorium Point. Players will also receive a large bonus to honor gained while inside of Blackrock Mountain. Conversely, players will gain no honor from world PvP while in searing gorge or burning steppes while the event is active.
      Developer’s Note: The intention of this event is an optional activity for players to do each day to earn additional Thorium Brotherhood and Hydraxian Waterlords reputation should they choose to do so, as well as create a flashpoint for World PvP focused on the interior of Blackrock Mountain. We’ve listened to a lot of player feedback around world PvP and these types of events, and while PvP can and should occur on a PvP server, we are going to heavily incentivize you to move your conflicts inside the mountain itself while the event is active with a sizable honor buff inside the mountain. Ultimately, this content is meant to be a lightweight optional activity players can participate in to supplement endgame reputation gain and gain a bit of gold with very modest daily investment of time, as well as to give us a reason to recreate some of the epic battles that we all remember so well inside of Blackrock Mountain (as if we needed a reason!). General PTR Adjustments
      Template Characters
      All class template characters have been updated to account for the changes below. Class templates have also been updated to have access to all available flight paths. Several classes were missing weapon skills or access to weapons themselves. This has been corrected. Developer’s Note: You will need to re-recrate characters to pick up these fixes. Vendors
      Vendors have been updated with a few additional consumables. Vendors have also been updated to add any new skillbooks that were added since the previous round of PTR (newly created template characters will already have these learned) Testwerk
      Base damage increased by 50%. Hateful strike damage increased by 75%. Health doubled. Class Adjustments
      Developer’s Notes on Tanks: We’ve made an adjustment to allow each tank’s primary AoE ability to hit a larger number of targets, in most cases 10 or more. Going into Season of Discovery we hoped to maintain some of the rewarding gameplay and challenge that tanks faced in original wow and keep AoE threat a bit lower relative to newer versions of WoW, but as time has gone by our perspective on this has changed for Season of Discovery as damage dealing classes have gained more AoE tools and damage in general. As a result, we’ve decided to open up each tank classes’ AoE capabilities a bit more. Many groups may find that large pulls in Season of Discovery (with the higher damage that creatures deal, particularly at or near level 60) to be quite deadly, so a good strategy and plan for CC is still recommended in most dungeons. Thank you for all of your feedback on this so far!
      The Fury of Stormrage rune now states that it allows the use of Wrath while in Tree of Life form. Nourish now benefits from the Improved Regrowth talent and benefits from effects that interact with Regrowth. Fixed a bug enabling efflorescence ticks from being able to critically hit. Elune’s Fires now extends the duration of Moonfire and Sunfire up to its initial duration, but there’s no longer a limit on the number of refreshes per ability. Moonkin Form now provides the druid with 2 spellpower per the druid’s character level and allows Insect Swarm, Moonfire, and Sunfire’s damage over time effect to critically hit. Dreamstate tooltip updated to reflect that it only triggers from non-periodic critical strikes. Improved Swipe now increases the maximum targets on Swipe (Bear) to 10 targets. Hunter
      The Heart of the Lion aura no longer cancels itself after a few seconds of being active. Fixed an issue with the stables preventing hunter pets from being able to be stabled or summoned on the PTR. Mage
      The Hot Streak rune has been moved to the helm slot. The Rewind Time rune has been moved to the wrist slot. Priest
      Vampiric Touch now gains properly additional benefits from the following talents: Blackout Shadow Affinity Shadow Focus Shadow Reach Darkness Martyrdom Inner Focus Pain and Suffering has been adjusted: Mind Blast, Mind Spike, and Mind Flay refresh the duration of your one of your Shadow Word: Pain, Void Plague, or Vampiric Touch abilities on the target back to its maximum duration. The ability with the shortest remaining duration will always be the one refreshed. Vampiric Touch now also applies Vampiric Embrace including when it is refreshed by Pain and Suffering The curse debuffs cast by Eye of the Void no longer have a cooldown. Mind Sear now also damages the primary target. Paladin
      Divine Light has been moved to the Cloak rune slot. The additional damage shield from Divine Light overhealing will now also apply to Beacon of Light targets. Fixed an issue causing Holy Shield to deal too much damage. Adjusted the tooltip of Hallowed Ground to clarify that damage does not need to be dealt to enemies with consecrate for consecrate to heal allies. Fixed an issue allowing the heal over time effect from Fanatacism from being able to crit. The Aegis rune now also allows the paladin to gain a 2% chance per talent point in the Reckoning talent learned to trigger the reckoning effect when receiving a melee or ranged attack The additional damage over time effect cause by critical strikes with the Righteous Vengeance rune has been increased to 50% of the damage inflicted by the paladin ability that triggered it A new spell has been added via spellbook: Divine Steed – Increases the paladin’s movement speed by 100% for 3 seconds. 45 second cooldown. Rogue
      Fixed an issue preventing more than one rogue’s application of deadly or occult poison from being present on a target. Fixed an issue causing Fan of Knives to generate energy from Focused Attacks with off-hand critical strikes. The attack power bonus granted from defense skill effect has been moved from Rolling with the Punches to Blade Dance. Resolved a bug causing the bonus energy effect from Relentless Strikes to have a chance to proc once per target hit with Crimson Tempest, rather than once per spell cast of Crimson Tempest. Poisoned Knife now refunds 5 energy per number of stacks of deadly or occult poison on the target. Shuriken Toss now grants 1 combo point per enemy hit and a 30 second cooldown has been added. Saber Slash now stacks 3 times instead of 5, granting a 33% damage increase per stack (up from 20%). Developer’s Note: We had an issue in the previous PTR build that the Saber Slash changes that came via hotfix in 1.15.2/phase 3 were missing. This adjustment re-implements those changes into 1.15.4/Phase 4 and improves the usability of Saber Slash as a further adjustment. Shaman
      While using the Shield Mastery rune, the attack power bonus granted from defense skill is now triggered by the use of Flame Shock The attack speed bonus granted by Two-Handed Weapon specialization rune after landing a melee attack on an enemy with a two-handed weapon equipped has been increased to 50%. Maelstrom Weapon now has a significantly higher chance to proc with two-handed weapons equipped. Molten Blast can now hit up to 10 targets. The maximum rank of all weapon imbues now has a 1 hour duration. Warlock
      The Felguard has gained the Demonic Frenzy ability, causing the Felguard’s melee attacks to grant 5% additional attack power for 10 seconds, stacking up to 10 times. Soul Siphon now grants Drain Soul up to 300% increased damage when targets are below 20% health Lake of Fire has been redesigned and now causes Rain of Fire to be instant cast with no channeling time but now has an 8 second cooldown. Backdraft now increases casting speed for 15 seconds, up from 10. Shadow Cleave can now hit up to 10 targets. Mark of Chaos has been redesigned: Now causes Curse of Agony and Curse of Doom to apply the Mark of Chaos to the target for their duration, reducing the target’s resistances by up to 75 and increases the targets spell damage taken by up to 10%. Warrior
      Shield Slam now gains 15% of attack power as additional damage Single-Minded Fury has been adjusted: Now grants a Single-Minded buff that stacks up to 5 times, granting 2% attack speed while you continue attacking the same target with auto-attacks. The movement speed effect has reduced back to 10% and the threat reduction component was removed. The threat reduction from Single-Minded Fury has been removed. An additional effect has been added to Gladiator Stance to increase rage generation when attacking a target that is not actively attacking the warrior. Thunderclap can now hit up to 10 targets. A new ability has been added via spellbook: Valor of Azeroth Valor of Azeroth grants all party and raid members 1.5x the Warrior’s level in Attack Power (melee and ranged) and 5% crit chance to all spells and attacks. This is not cumulative with Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer. Developer’s Note: We are trying a rather radical new change to essentially allow Warriors to provide themselves and raid members with “Dragonslayer lite” in case they or other raid members don’t have or have unfortunately lost their world buffs. Warriors in particular gain a massive amount of power from World Buffs, and the class can feel a lot less satisfying without them so while this won’t raise a Warrior’s overall maximum throughput, it should help bring the floor up in situations where Warriors have to go without World Buffs. This is an experimental change for the PTR and we may remove or iterate on this change before phase 4 releases. We are hoping that this provides some interesting raid utility for warriors should wipes or deaths occur, allowing them and their party/raid members to get a portion of the power that they gained from world buffs after losing them.
    • By Stan
      You know how there are different buffs to show off your skills in Classic's Hardcore Self-Found Mode? Well, Dwarfmane has earned every single one of them and completed the mode, which took a lot of dedication! Congrats!
      They’ve shared a screenshot of all the buffs they've earned on Reddit.
      Now let's break it down:
      Soul of Iron: Never Known Defeat means the player never died. Unbroken Self-Found Champion means the player never used the Auction House, mailbox or trade with other players and had to farm everything on their own, up to level 60. Survivor of the Shadow Flame, Survivor of the Old God, and Survivor of the Damned means the player cleared Ahn'Qiraj, Blackwing Lair, and Naxxramas with those restrictions. Ragnaros is currently bugged and doesn't show up in the buff.  
    • By Staff
      After the general preview of what Phase 4 has in store, we now have the much more in-depth development notes for the PTR! We have a raid test boss very appropriately named "Testwerk", many class adjustments and new rune slots, changes to tanks in general, and more! 
      SoD PTR (Source)
      Welcome to the WoW Classic Season of Discovery patch 1.15.3/Phase 4 PTR. Below you’ll find a list of notable changes available for test as well as information about how to access testing vendors, the test raid boss, and more.
      Testing Focus
      The focus of our first round of PTR is to evaluate level 60 classes with all runes available and an initial round of class and rune adjustments. Please note that we do not currently consider any class to be in its “final” state and expect many classes to continue to change throughout the PTR process, and we are eager for class feedback as we move forward towards the release of Phase 4. Please note that while new raid content, rune discoveries, and most other new content (including new dungeon drops) will not be available, the Sunken Temple as well as all normal dungeons will be available should you wish to test dungeon runs or the previous raids with the current round of class adjustments.
      Accessing the PTR
      Once you’ve launched the WoW Classic Era PTR from your dropdown, you’ll want to find the “Seasonal” Tab on realm selection. You can find the Classic Seasonal PTR realm there.
      Level 60 Character Templates
      In order to access Level 60 Character Templates you simply need to create a new character on the Classic Seasonal PTR realm. When doing so, your newly created character will be automatically leveled to 60 and have gear in their bags. Level 60 Templates are equipped with the newly revamped Dungeon or “Tier 0” sets. These characters also have a selection of other gear and supplies in their bags, including the new Dungeon Upgrade or “Tier 0.5” sets. Please note that these sets and set bonuses are currently a work in progress. Additionally, all characters have access to all rune abilities up through level 60, as well as any abilities that are learned from skillbooks, including any former rune abilities which have been made baseline in Phase 4 Phase 4 Vendors and Test Dummies
      Three new vendors have been set up in Stormwind and Orgrimmar selling basic supplies such as consumables, enchants, and gear from the Sunken Temple raid should players choose to utilize them. Target dummies may also be found just outside of the main entrances to Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Accessing the Searing Basin Test Raid
      We’ve set up a test instance called the Searing Basin which may be accessed by speaking with Gurgthock in Stormwind and Orgrimmar to teleport to the instance.
      You may enter The Searing Basin solo or with a raid group of up to 20 people. The Boss “Testwerk” is available for you to test with. Please note that Testwerk will require tanks and healers to engage. Phase 4 Class Adjustments
      Please note that these notes are not comprehensive nor final and we anticipate making additional adjustments to various classes throughout the PTR period. Please also note that many new spells have unfinished audio and visual effects at the current time.
      New Runes – Cloak Slot:
      Improved Swipe: Adds the Swipe (Cat) ability and causes Swipe in Bear form to cause 100% increased damage and hit 3 additional targets. Tree of Life: Transform into a Tree of Life. While active reduces the mana cost of all Heal over Time abilities by 20%, increases healing received by all party members by 10%, increases the Druid’s spirit by 25% and increases the Druids armor by 200%, but the druid may not cast any harmful abilities. Starfall: The druid calls down a rain of up to 20 falling starts over 10 seconds hitting enemies within 30 yards of the druid for Arcane damage. 90 second cooldown. Cancelled by loss of control effects, mounting, and shapeshifting. Other Adjustments
      Wild Growth healing reduced by ~50% and mana cost reduced by ~20%. The Tree of Life rune increases Wild Growth healing by 60% while the druid is in Tree Form. Rake and Rip damage contributions from attack power increased by roughly 50%. Gore’s chance to trigger from Mangle (Cat) and Shred increased to 15% (was 5%). The Crusader weapon enchant will now proc for feral druids while in Bear, Dire Bear, and Cat forms. Hunter
      New Runes – Cloak Slot:
      Improved Volley: Increases Volley damage by 3% of attack power each time it deals damage. Volley also no longer has a cooldown and no longer suffers pushback from damaging attacks against the Hunter and the mana cost of Volley is reduced by 50% Resourcefulness: Reduces the mana cost of all traps by 100% and their cooldowns by 6 seconds. Hit and Run: Raptor Strike increases movement speed by 15% for 4 seconds. Other Adjustments
      Melee Specialist no longer reduces the base cooldown on Mongoose Bite and Raptor Strike. The rune now also causes Mongoose Bite to have a 30% chance to reset the cooldown on Raptor Strike. Heart of the Lion is no longer a rune ability but is now learned as a baseline ability from a skill book A new rune has been added in place of Heart of the Lion—Cobra Slayer: Your Mongoose Bite now activates when an enemy dodges your attack, and Mongoose Bite deals additional damage equal to 40% of your attack power. The Kill Command Rune has been removed and replaced with a new rune–Kill Shot: You attempt to finish off a wounded target, firing a ranged attack dealing 100% weapon damage plus X. Kill Shot has no minimum range. Kill Shot’s cooldown is reset if used on an enemy that has 20% or less health. The Invigoration Rune has been removed and replaced with a new rune—Wyvern Strike: Your Wyvern Sting talent is replaced with Wyvern Strike. A stinging strike that deals 100% weapon damage and poisons the target with a sting for (60% of Attack Power) Nature damage over 6 sec. Only one Sting per Hunter can be active on the target at a time”. 12 second cooldown. Chimera Shot resets the cooldown of Wyvern Strike when used on a target afflicted with the Wyvern Strike sting effect. The T.N.T. rune now also causes Explosive Trap’s initial damage to be increased by 50% of melee attack power, and Immolation Trap’s total damage to be increased by 50% of melee attack power. Lock and Load can no longer benefit Scatter Shot. Mage
      New Runes—Cloak Slot:
      Arcane Barrage: An instant attack dealing high arcane damage. 3 Second Cooldown. Overheat: Fire Blast is now castable while casting another spell, is unaffected by the global cooldown, and always crits. Frozen Orb: The Mage launches a frost orb that damages nearby enemies and snares them. Can trigger fingers of frost. Other Adjustments
      Temporal Anomaly’s shield now stacks if players remain near the orb after the initial hit. The cooldown of Temporal Anomaly has been reduced to 30 seconds. Advanced Warding has been redesigned and now also allows you to apply your Mage Armor shield buffs to friendly targets as well as causes your Remove Lesser Curse ability to also remove harmful magic effects from your friendly target. Paladin
      New Runes—Cloak Slot:
      Shield of Righteousness: Slam the target with your shield, causing Holy damage based on your block value. 6 second cooldown. Vindicator: Your Vindication talent now also decreases the targets Attack Power and increases the Paladin’s Strength, Agility and Attack Power by up to 20% for 10 seconds. Righteous Vengeance: Your Judgement, Crusader Strike, Divine Storm, and Holy Shock abilities now deal an additional percentage of their damage dealt over 8 seconds. Other Adjustments
      Seal of Martyrdom is no longer a rune ability but is now learned as a baseline ability from a skill book. The mana return granted by Seal of Martyrdom is now based on 65% of the damage the paladin takes from the seal (down from 133%). A new rune has been added in place of Seal of Martyrdom—Divine Light: A powerful, expensive heal that causes 50% of any excess healing from Divine Light to be converted into an absorb shield for 15 sec. The Absorb shield does not accumulate from multiple casts. Divine Light benefits from most talents and abilities that affect Holy Light. Exorcist is no longer a rune ability but is now learned as a baseline ability from a skill book. A new rune has been added in place of Exorcist—Aura Mastery: Doubles the magnitude of the paladin’s current Aura for 6 sec. Aura Mastery is not affected by the Global Cooldown. Beacon of Light duration is now 1 hour Sheathe of Light no longer grants bonus healing The damage done by Hammer of the Righteous reduced by 50%, but threat was increased by 100% to compensate The bonus healing effect from critical heals was moved from the Sheathe of Light rune to the Fanatacism rune Infusion of Light has seen several adjustments: Infusion of Light now increases damage and healing of Holy Shock by 50% (up from 20%, and previously was only healing) Infusion of Light now reduces the cooldown of Holy Shock to 6 seconds Infusion of Light no longer resets the Exorcism cooldown Art of War has seen several adjustments: Art of War now only applies cooldown reduction and mana cost reduction to Exorcism Art of War now reduces the remaining cooldown of Exorcism by 1 second for each critical hit rather than fully resetting the cooldown The Horn of Lordaeron rune has been removed and replaced with a new rune—Hallowed Ground: Your Consecration now also heals party members within its area for 200% of the damage it deals to enemies. The Aegis rune has been redesigned. Now Requires the Redoubt talent to have any effect. Aegis grants 30% increased block value and now also grants redoubt to the paladin on a successful melee critical strike, as well as having a 10% chance to grant redoubt to the paladin when receiving a melee critical strike. The Enlightened Judgements rune has been removed and replaced with a new rune—Malleable Protection: You can now take actions during Divine Protection and its duration is increased by 50%, but it only reduces damage you take by 50% instead of granting full damage immunity. A new baseline ability has been added from a skill book: Avenging Wrath Increase damage and healing done by 20% for 20 seconds. 2 Minute Cooldown. Causes forbearance. Priest
      New Runes—Cloak Slot:
      Binding Heal: A fast heal that heals a friendly target and the Priest and deals a low amount of Threat. This spell benefits from and triggers all effects associated with Flash Heal. Soul Warding: Power World: Shield has no cooldown, a reduced mana cost, and increased magnitude. Vampiric Touch: A Damage-over-time effect that grants 2% of damage dealt as mana returned to all party members. Other Adjustments
      The Void Plague rune has been moved to the boots slot from the chest slot. Any Void Plague runes previously engraved on a Chest or Robe will appear as “faded rune” and will need to be engraved with a different rune to gain a rune effect. Rogue
      New Runes—Cloak Slot:
      Blunderbuss: Fire a musket blast at enemies in a cone in front of the Rogue, dealing physical damage. Crimson Tempest: Finishing move that hits all nearby targets with a damage-over-time bleed based on Attack Power. Increased duration and damage per CP. Fan of Knives: The Rogue instantly throws both weapons at all targets dealing area effect damage. Other Adjustments:
      A new Poison has been added—Sebacious Poison: A poison effect that applies an armor debuff (roughly equivalent to Sunder Armor) A new poison has been added—Numbing Poison: A poison effect that applies an attack speed debuff (roughly equivalent to Thunderclap) A new poison has been added Atrophic Poison: A poison effect that applies an attack power reduction (roughly equivalent to Demoralizing Shout) A new Poison has been added—Occult Poison: Occult Poison behaves exactly the same as deadly poison but also increases non-physical damage by 2% per application to a max of 10% bonus damage. Deadly Brew will also apply Occult Poison in place of Deadly Poison if you know Occult Poison. The tooltip has been updated to reflect this new interaction. Shadowstep is no longer on the Global Cooldown. Shaman
      New Runes—Cloak Slot:
      Storm, Earth, and Fire: Chain Lightning cooldown is reduced by 100%, Earthbind Totem immediately immobilizes all enemies when cast, and Flame Shock deals 60% increased periodic damage. Feral Spirit: Summon a pair of temporary spirit wolf guardians for 45 seconds. 3 minute cooldown. Coherence: Chain Heal effectiveness only reduced by 35% per jump, Chain Lightning effectiveness only reduced by 20% per jump, and each spell now jumps to one additional target. Other Adjustments
      The Intellect to Attack Power conversion from Mental Dexterity has been reduced to 65% (from 100%) The AP to spell damage conversion from Mental Dexterity has been reduced to 20% (from 30%) Mental Dexterity no longer grants any +healing Maelstrom Weapon reduced or instant cast procs may no longer be used to cast Chain Heal or Healing Wave with a reduced or instant cast time Shamanistic Rage is no longer a rune ability but is now learned as a baseline ability from a skill book Shamanistic Rage now grants 10% of mana to the party (down from 20%) Burn now grants 2 spell damage per level (down from 4) A new rune has been added in place of shamanistic rage–Greater Ghost Wolf: Ghost Wolf is now usable indoors and reduces all damage taken by 10% while active. Warlock
      New Runes—Cloak Slot:
      Decimation: Shadowbolt, Shadow Cleave, Incinerate and Soul Fire damage on targets below 35% health causes your next Soul Fire to not cost a Soul Shard and cast 1.5 seconds faster. 10 Second Duration. Mark of Chaos: Shadowburn causes your next single-target spell or ability to have a 100% increased critical strike chance. Infernal Armor: For the next 10 seconds, all non-physical damage is reduced by a percentage of your damage reduced from armor. 60 sec cooldown. Other Adjustments
      Demonic Grace is no longer on the Global Cooldown Warrior
      New Runes—Cloak Slot:
      Fresh Meat: Damaging a target with Bloodthirst has a chance to enrage you, activating abilities which require being enraged and cause you to deal 10% increased damage for 12 seconds. 100% chance to proc on first Bloodthirst hit against a target. 10% chance for subsequent hits against that same target. Sudden Death: Your melee crits have a chance to activate sudden death for 10 seconds. While Sudden Death is active, you may use Execute on any target, and you always have 10 rage remaining after using execute. Shockwave: Cone attack that deals physical damage and stuns all affected enemies for 4 seconds. Requires a Shield and Defensive Stance. 60 sec cooldown. Other Adjustments
      Single-Minded Fury no longer increases damage dealt but now increases movement speed by 15% (up from 10%) and reduces threat generated by the Warrior by 10%. Blood Frenzy has been redesigned. Now increases rend damage by 100% and causes Rend to gain increased damage equal to 3% of attack power per tick, and Rend may be used in any stance. Flagellation has been redesigned. Now causes the Warrior to gain Rage from physical damage taken as the warrior was wearing no armor. Rampage has been redesigned. Now instantly increases the Warrior’s attack power by 10% for 30 seconds and no longer stacks or costs rage to activate. Requires being enraged. 2 minute cooldown. Wrecking Crew now causes an enrage effect that lasts 10 seconds and increases damage done by Mortal Strike, Bloodthirst, and Shield slam by 10%. The threat reduction in Gladiator Stance is now 30% (was 10%) Consumed by Rage now activates when exceeding 60 rage and now always lasts 12 seconds regardless of the number of attacks, but no longer grants a damage bonus. The Booming Voice talent now increases Battle Shout duration by 30/60/90/120/150% and reduces its rage cost by 20/40/60/80/100%. Commanding Shout’s rage cost was removed and its duration was increased to 5 minutes. Recklessness now increases critical strike chance by 50% (was 100%) and the duration is reduces to 12 seconds, but the cooldown is reduced to 5 minutes. Retaliation and Shield Wall have had their cooldowns reduced to 5 minutes (was 30 minutes). A new baseline ability has been added from a skill book: Meat Hook Throw out a hooked chain to restrain the target and pull them towards you. Costs 15 rage, 30 yard range, and has a 35 second cooldown. This may not be used on enemies more than 1 level above the Warrior or which are marked as “boss” enemies. General
      All tanking classes now gain additional damage output benefit from the defense skill in some way. Thank you for participating in the WoW Classic Season of Discovery PTR. We plan to continue to make adjustments during this PTR period and we will update this thread as changes continue to roll in.
    • By Staff
      Blizzard has posted a preview of Season of Discovery Phase 4!
      In Phase 4, players can level to 60, discover new class runes, and enter Molten Core to face Ragnaros.
      Season of Discovery Phase 4 is coming and with it, players will be able to level to 60, discover new class runes, enter the Molten Core raid dungeon to face Ragnaros, and more.
      What’s in Store
      We’re leveling up Season of Discovery Phase 4 with a variety of leveling changes, new rune discoveries, class adjustments, professions and reputations updates, dungeon updates, PvP Class Sets, updated events, raid content, world bosses, and more.
      Level from 50 to 60 Updated Discoverer’s Delight buff Level 1-50 150% Level 50-60 50% New Runes for each class to discover. New Cloak rune slot Utility Runes: These class agnostic utility runes will provide additional bonuses to a variety of skills such as additional bonuses to a variety of stats such as weapon skill, spell hit, and more. New Ring rune slots Class Adjustments: Many classes will experience changes such as select runes becoming baseline abilities and new runes will become available. Profession and Reputation Updates: New and enhanced professions recipes for Argent Dawn, Thorium Brotherhood, Hydraxian Waterlords, and Timbermaw Hold. Nightmare Incursions updated to daily quest hubs. New Stranglethorn Vale and Blood Moon Rewards and Currency Dungeon Updates: updated rewards and new dungeons available at level 60: Blackrock Depths (2nd half) Blackrock Spire Dire Maul (3 wings) Scholomance Stratholme PvP Class Sets for Rank 10 Molten Core Raid Dungeon
      Experience Molten core as a 20-player dungeon with 10 classic bosses, revamped loot, redesigned Tier 1 sets, and more. Players will also be able to turn up the heat with a new variable difficulty mechanic. Don’t forget your fire resist gear! You are going to need it. We’ll be adding one more surprise to this classic raid dungeon for intrepid adventurer’s to discover.
      World Bosses Updates
      Experience Lord Kazzak and Azuregos as brand-new instanced versions of these encounters. These encounters can be experienced with up to 40 players but will be tuned as 20-player content.
      Onyxia will also be adjusted to accommodate 40 or fewer players along with some additional loot adjustments.
      We’ll have more to share in the coming weeks beyond this brief overview and have more in development for this phase we can’t wait for you to discover. Stay tuned to the official site for more information got a full phase 4 preview. We look forward to bringing this endgame experience for Season of Discovery to life.
    • By Staff
      With the launch of Cataclysm Classic upon us, we've got you covered with a wealth of new guides for this latest chapter. Also, don't forget to participate in our Blazing Epic Upgrade giveaway!
      Icy Veins' Blazing Epic Upgrade Giveaway
      Don't forget to participate in our giveaway for a chance to earn codes for the Blazing Epic Upgrade! You will find more information here.

      With the launch of Cataclysm Classic, players will begin to level from 80 to 85 through new zones, dungeons, and raids, engage in PvP combat in Tol Barad and more.

      Level Cap Raised to 85
      We've got a host of leveling guides to help you out. Here, you will find recommended talent builds for easier leveling.
      Blood Death Knight Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Frost Death Knight Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Unholy Death Knight Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Balance Druid Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Feral DPS Druid Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Feral Tank Druid Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Restoration Druid Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Beast Mastery Hunter Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Marksmanship Hunter Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Survival Hunter Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Arcane Mage Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Fire Mage Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Frost Mage Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Holy Paladin Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Protection Paladin Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Retribution Paladin Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Discipline Priest Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Holy Priest Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Shadow Priest Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Elemental Shaman Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Enhancement Shaman Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Restoration Shaman Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Assassination Rogue Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Combat Rogue Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Subtlety Rogue Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Affliction Warlock Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Demonology Warlock Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Destruction Warlock Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Arms Warrior Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Fury Warrior Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Protection Warrior Cataclysm Classic Leveling Guide Dungeon Guides
      Cataclysm Classic launch adds 9 new dungeons. So far, we've got guides up for the following:

      The Deadmines Dungeon Guide Shadowfang Keep Dungeon Guide Blackrock Caverns Dungeon Guide The Stonecore Dungeon Guide If you're looking for more general information, you will find them in the Dungeon Overview.
      Cataclysm Classic Class Guides
      Our writers have prepared class guides for every single specialization for you to use at max level.
      Death Knight Overview Blood Death Knight PvE Guide Frost Death Knight PvE Guide Unholy Death Knight PvE Guide Druid Overview Balance Druid PvE Guide Feral DPS Druid PvE Guide Feral Tank Druid PvE Guide Restoration Druid PvE Guide Hunter Overview Beast Mastery Hunter PvE Guide Marksmanship Hunter PvE Guide Survival Hunter PvE Guide Mage Overview Arcane Mage PvE Guide Fire Mage PvE Guide Frost Mage PvE Guide Paladin Overview Holy Paladin PvE Guide Protection Paladin PvE Guide Retribution Paladin PvE Guide Priest Overview Discipline Priest PvE Guide Holy Priest PvE Guide Shadow Priest PvE Guide Rogue Overview Assassination Rogue PvE Guide Combat Rogue PvE Guide Subtlety Rogue PvE Guide Shaman Overview Elemental Shaman PvE Guide Enhancement Shaman PvE Guide Restoration Shaman PvE Guide Warlock Overview Affliction Warlock PvE Guide Demonology Warlock PvE Guide Destruction Warlock PvE Guide Warrior Overview Arms Warrior PvE Guide Fury Warrior PvE Guide Protection Warrior PvE Guide Cataclysm Classic Tier Lists
      If you're wondering how your specialization performs in raids, you can take a look at one of our tier lists.
      DPS Tier List for Cataclysm Classic Healer Tier List for Cataclysm Classic Tank Tier List for Cataclysm Classic Reputation Guides
      Explore our detailed reputation guides for Cataclysm Classic to increase your standing with the new factions!

      Baradin's Wardens  Dragonmaw Clan  Guardians of Hyjal Hellscream's Reach Ramkahen The Earthen Ring Therazane Wildhammer Clan Profession Guides
      Master every profession in Cataclysm Classic with our comprehensive guides, covering all the skills and tips you need for success.

      Professions Overview Profession Bonuses Alchemy Archaeology Blacksmithing Cooking Enchanting  Engineering  First-Aid Fishing Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring General Guides
      Finally, we've got some general guides that explain how Reforging or Transmogrification work in Cataclysm Classic. You will also find a detailed guide about the Racial Bonuses, and more.

      Racial Bonuses Currency Reforging Transmogrification List of Raid Buffs and Debuffs
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