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Holy Priest help

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A little bit of background first, I've played a Holy Priest since the beginning of Cata and halfway through MoP before I took a hiatus. I was always way more comfortable as Holy then Disc.


Going into the new expansion I found healing heroics as Holy to be extremely difficult for me so I tried out Disc. Now, I hardly ever leave 80% mana and it's a cake walk. My ilvl is 626 so I know it's not gear.


As Holy, I keep renew on the tank and refresh with HW: Serenity and keep PoM on cooldown and use Heal as filler unless the group is taking damage in which I put CoH into the rotation and use PoH.


I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Most of the guides say about the same thing. Any help with this? Or is Holy just significantly weaker than Disc. ATM?

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I do not have my active Holy spec on armory or AMR to reference so I'll just ask/give ya my preference on Holy so far above that of Normal 5man.


I glyph Binding heal, Deep Well, and Fade/PoM.  Pre cast Lighspring/Well before the pull so it comes off CD during the fight allowing you to double its usage.  Serenity, PoM, Renew, PWS on CD you mentioned all those except PWS.  If you can help it, track EoL so you do not allow it to fall of the tank, it does stack and yes it is very small but every little bit might help when GS is on CD.


Flash Heal is not as punishing as it used to be in MoP so feel free to use it but I will admit w/ Binding Glyphed I use it more than I do Flash. I spam Heal as filler to build bigger EoL and have almost exclusively taken L100 Clarity, L90 Halo, and PI.  Math supports Solace giving you more mana than Mindbender if you stay on top of it w/ a WA or some other tool but just preference I like Minderbender and use it w/ Hero for the extra dps usually on pull, then again on CD for the remainder of the encounters and long trash pulls.


I enjoy both specs and have watched  WoD priest use both to complete Heroics and CMs.  I personally feel that Disc provides more stability to a 5man while Holy provides that osh!t recover when things go bad. 

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Thanks for the tips! I will try that and see how it goes. I feel better now, knowing that people have been using Holy to some success. I didn't spec for CoW but it seemed really good after watching your UBRS CM run. I've also been using cascade but it seems really lackluster in a 5 man. Seems better suited for a raid setting.

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