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What Could the Exciting Teaser of Last Epoch Be About?

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Last Epoch has recently teased a simple image, and speculations have gone wild. What could it be about? Find out what was teased during the last developer stream and jump in for some 'eggciting' news!

During a recent Dev Stream, Mike, one of the developers from the Last Epoch team, teased an interesting item that has peaked players's curiosity! Let's go over what we know or suspect about it!

As the following post on Last Epoch's official X/Twitter reveals, an interesting egg image has been shown during the last developer stream!

Placeholder for tweet 1793015874405712357

The Eleventh Hour Games team behind Last Epoch has not revealed much else about it yet, but players have been sharing their insight and ideas on what this egg could be:

  • A Dragon Egg: Indeed, it does look like a big dragon egg. This could mean many things, such as: Will there be Dragons in the game soon? Will we be fighting a new Dragon boss? Or will we have access to a new timeline in ancient times where Dragons roamed around?
  • Pets: As simple as it may sound, it could just be an indication of some sort of new pet hatching from eggs.
  • Chronowyrm Egg: Some players mentioned Chronowyrms, some small little dragon-like creature from another time, who would give us access to a new ancient era.
  • Crafting Item: There is also speculation that it could be a new item for the Forge, giving you access to new crafting systems and materials.
  • Relic: A few players also shared their thoughts on the possible idea that it could be a new relic for one of the classes, specifically Forge Guard.
  • Tamer Class: One of the more interesting speculations was the idea that this is a teaser for a possible new class related to taming.

What are your personal speculations about this mysterious egg? We think it will most likely be a Dragon Egg and will either grant access to a new Dragon Era or a Dragon Boss.

It's definitely an interesting teaser, and we can't wait to see what it really means!

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Amazing!  I can't wait.  Love the game, but like New World, needs more content or systems to keep us engaged. 

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    • By Neviriah
      The Last Epoch team always tries to collaborate with the community to provide content that everyone can enjoy. To this end, they released a poll last month to gather players' opinions on the Pinnacle Boss for patch 1.1.
      Here are the key takeaways from the poll results.
      Regarding the final decisions made by Eleventh Hour Games for the Pinnacle Boss:
      The Pinnacle Boss will be released to Offline and Legacy realms with a short delay after its debut on the Cycle. Following the 1.1 release, the Boss will be available on the Cycle. A week later, on July 16th, it will be released on Legacy and Offline realms. If the Pinnacle Boss is defeated before the end of the first week, it will be released to all realms on the next working day. Defeating the boss in any 1.1 Cycle game mode will count, whether you are playing solo or in a party. During the poll, players strongly supported a brief delay between the Cycle and other realms for the release of the Pinnacle Boss. 

      Question 2 of the poll asked players if they would prefer that a certain amount of time pass before the Pinnacle Boss is released to the Legacy or Offline realms, in case the boss is not defeated. The responses were closely divided: 30% of players wanted no time limit, while 32% preferred a one-week period. The Last Epoch team internally leaned towards one week, and ultimately, this was the decision they made.
      Question 3 revealed a split among players between releasing the content on the next working day or waiting for the time limit chosen in Question 2 if the boss was defeated early on. Eleventh Hour Games decided to opt for the next working day.
      The final question received a unified vote: Any game mode within Cycle Online should be preferable to the unlocking condition.

      In regards to the poll, the EHG team stated that they will decide whether or not to use the same system for other content, such as events and endgame bosses. They may adjust their approach based on the community’s feedback after the release of 1.1 on July 9th for the Cycle: Harbingers of Ruin.
      You can take a look at the official Last Epoch forum post for a more in-depth look at all the poll results.
    • By Neviriah
      The anticipation for Last Epoch's next cycle, Harbingers of Ruin, has grown since the recent teaser trailer was released, and the Eleventh Hour Games team has graciously shared further sneak peeks. Here is a quick compilation of the most exciting updates, just for you!
      In case you missed some of the recent highlights, here is a summary of what Harbingers of Ruin has in store, as revealed in recent streams and social media posts by the EHG team:
      Boss Loot Upgrade: Bosses will now drop specific rewards with a 150% increased rate. Mage Ability: Defender of Welryn: This update adds value to dexterity across more classes. Sentinel's Forge Guard Node: Shield Crafter: Introduces a chance to cast a ring of shields upon blocking. Additional Sentinel Changes: Look forward to enhancements to the Javelineer and Eternal Form.     
      For a deep dive into each of these exciting changes, visit the official Last Epoch Twitter page below:
      Placeholder for tweet 1800609826994614411 Exciting times lie ahead as we get closer to the release of Harbingers of Ruin. So stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to experience the evolution of Last Epoch! And don't hesitate to let us know what changes you would love to see coming for the next Cycle of Last Epoch?
    • By Neviriah
      In addition to the weekly updates, Eleventh Hour Games is providing details about an upcoming Bazaar sales cleanup, along with other changes and bug fixes. Here is everything you need to know!
      The weekly patch went live on May 15th, including the following changes: 
      The Keeper's Camp spawn point has been moved. You will now directly appear next to the waypoint in Keeper's Camp.
      Additionally, Gathering Storm's "Friends of the Tempest" now needs the minion's tag to match "Gathering Storm" rather than the minion's ability tag matching "Gathering Storm". For instance, if "Summon Wolf" has the minion lightning tag, all attacks from your wolves can trigger "Friends of the Tempest". The change also fixes a bug in which some converted minions, such as cold Storm Crows or cold Warcry Totem, could not activate "Friends of the Tempest" after "Gathering Storm" was converted to cold.
      Along with these small changes, the following bugs have been fixed:
      Fixed a bug where specific circumstances could cause a character to instantly revive after death. This could result in a hardcore character becoming a standard character without the feedback of having hit zero health (death screen). Fixed a crash when a stash tab’s name has a specific mix of emoji’s & line breaks. This was caused by a Stack Overflow in the text/ui layouting. Fixed a bug with Ring of Shields, where having unlocked “Rush Wall” node in “Ring of Shields” skill and then using “Shield Rush” would very often result in shields having incorrect rotation. Fixed a bug with Ring of Shields, where after using “Shield Bash” skill with “Wall of Shields” node unlocked, the shield wall disappears immediately after being spawned Fixed a bug with Ring of Shields, where after using “Shield Bash” skill with “Wall of Shields” node unlocked, the shields would remain attached to the player Fixed a bug where Warpath could cause Ring of Shields to change distance from the player. Fixed a bug where removing channels in chat settings would not remove them from channel selection in the input section. Fixed a bug where if a player had all chat channels disabled, then tried to send a player a direct message, the message would be sent to global if they did not already have an existing conversation with that player Fixed Smite not triggering Healing Hands while you are out of mana if both are free and you do not have the Desperate Measures node in the Smite tree. Fixed floating health bar location for Gaspar Husk, Volatile Zombies, Emperor of Corpses’ Volatile Zombies, and Death Knights Fixed a bug where Enemy Crows, and Black Sun Rahyeh were on the wrong layer resulting in some decals laying on top of them. Fixed a bug where prophecies would not save correctly for some players causing them to consistently re-roll Fixed a bug where the waves would start themselves in The Fall of Ledria quest echo Fixed “armor shred” and other affixes not appearing in the affix search for certain base types Fixed a bug where pressing Alt after picking up an item would open its tooltip Fixed a bug where some Sentinel helmets would not display on the character Fixed a bug where you could load into Echo of a World with no floor
      It's also worth noting that on May 20th, 2024, Last Epoch's Bazaar will undergo a major cleanup, which involves clearing all records of redeemed and cancelled transactions from the Bazaar. As a result, any closed listings from before May 20th will no longer be displayed on your redemption page. In addition, the EHG team plans to include an automated cleanup system in version 1.1, which will remove old redeemed and cancelled auctions after a specific period of time.
      Lastly, if you want to visit the official forum post, you can do so here: Last Epoch 1.0.8 Patch Notes
    • By Neviriah
      Eleventh Hour Games teased their next major cycle with a promising trailer and some interesting details! Harbingers of Ruin will release on the 9th of July!
      Last Epoch's next big update, patch 1.1, looks to be a very promising cycle. The patch is called Harbingers of Ruin, and the global launch date is set for July 9th, 2024!
      First, let's have a look at the teaser trailer below:
      The teaser is not revealing much for the time being, but with the recent roadmap reveal, we can expect the following:
      New Pinnacle Boss, which will only be accessible on the new Cycle Realm at first. The Last Epoch team at EHG is currently conducting a survey in order to know when to release the boss for the Eternal Realm. You can still participate here: Pinnacle Content - Realm Release Timing Poll Random Encounters: Nemesis. We don't have much information about them, but these are most likely powerful new enemies / enemy types.  Evade (Dodge Roll) Mechanic: If you are a fan of ARPGs in general, chances are you feel like something is missing. Well, fear not, because the long-awaited dodge roll mechanic is making its way into the game! And much more to come.
      The first few Cycles of Last Epoch are less about a specific theme, but rather about adding more permanent content to the game. 
      Keep in mind that certain content, such as the pinnacle boss, will initially be exclusive to Cycle characters. The boss should become available for the Eternal Realm later on. EHG intends to give Cycle characters some time to complete content first without keeping anything from the Eternal Realm, so that even players who do not want to create a new character can eventually enjoy the new content after some time. 
      1.1 Cycle also opens up interesting speculations among players, such as:
      New gameplay mechanics, for example, summoning minions from portals. There are concerns about the release date as it is close to the Elden Ring DLC and Final Fantasy XIV expansion release.  In any case, it's an exciting time for Last Epoch players! With much more information to come in the future, we will, of course, keep you updated as new details become available!
    • By Neviriah
      Eleventh Hour Games has just released a brand-new roadmap, revealing a few details about the following cycles and what will come next in patches 1.1 through 1.4! Here is what you need to know!
      The team at EHG is dedicated to creating an amazing ARPG, which is a process that can take some time. However, they are working hard on improving everything and giving players the best experience possible. Just now, the team has decided to share a roadmap with everyone of things that will be coming in future cycles:

      New monoliths, story chapters, hunt events, zones, ancient era maps, and bosses are on their way! And that is not all: the famous Evade (Dodge Roll) Mechanic will be added to Last Epoch! This list is, of course, not fully complete, and the EHG team has many more plans for the game's future! They will continue to update the roadmap to keep us updated about further plans for the game as well as developments, and any feedback from the community is always welcome.
      In addition to the roadmap, you will be happy to hear that development for version 1.1 of Last Epoch is coming along nicely! The current plan for version 1.X is to eventually make all the content available for Offline, Cycle, and Legacy realms, while also giving cycle characters the time to tackle new pinnacle content before optimized legacy characters get the chance to showcase their strength in it.
      Every cycle will reset the economy and leaderboard, giving all players in the new cycle an even playing field.
      The Last Epoch team would like to hear more feedback from the community on this, so they have set up a poll, which you can access here:  Pinnacle Content - Realm Release Timing Poll
      Don't hesitate to participate in the poll; the more people that respond, the better the EHG team will be able to adapt and adjust things based on community feedback!
      If you want to learn more about the roadmap and future cycles, or take part in the discussion with other players, visit to the official forum thread here: Last Epoch Roadmap
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