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WoD Brewmaster stat weights mrrobot

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Heya guys,


I've been toying around with custom stat weights on mrrobot for my monk brewmaster for a while, and well I really really suck at it. Having a hard time making the numbers count what they should, rather than just "a little better" or "a little worse". Also been checking out some posts, blogs etc. and I still can't ever seem to get it right. Currently the only standard choice I have is survival, which focuses on mastery ABOVE ALL ELSE (after BA), and that doesn't sound good to me.


So hoping there are someone here who can give me a hand. :-)


I do prefer to use EB over mastery so I figured I'll look at Sunnier's "control" stats:


Bonus Armor
Haste - I'm not too concerned about haste since I use Serenity for shuffle
I have no idea how they compare, and don't even know quite where to start for that. If I put numbers a certain way all I get is crit, regardless (even weapon enchant, so I guess my crit was set too high). If there are experiences (what little we have) that say other stats are better I am all ears. :-) I'm mostly using it for the Best in Bags at the moment, and I realise I'm probably alright if I just "play it by ear" for the time being, but at some point not too far into the future that will likely change. This is my battle.net profile: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/nordrassil/Vaniza/simple
Any thoughts? And I apologise if this is misuse of a very helpful forum. Thanks!
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Well, if all you're looking at is gems / enchants, then what ever stat has a higher number will be stacked. That's just how the numbers work. As you get more gear that is better itemized, it may change to balance it more, but for the most part all your enchants and gems will be the same stat based on the weights.

You can make them equal, but idk if the optimization program will either even the stats out, or just pick one at random (which ever one came to the top of the list first)

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Ok so I guess for the time being I might as well just keep in mind what I want most of and leave it at that then, and as gear levels increase and stats do too, then it'll be better to use this later on when it makes a bigger difference. I just hoped to be able to have mrrobot help me choose between the different stats on the gear I acquire to make the best all around tank as I could be with the gear I had, based on the weights I set, but I'll leave it for now. :-)





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