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Upping my dps? 633 Destro Lock

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Alright... so, first off i should start by saying I boosted this warlock at the end of MoP, because I was informed we needed a lock, and being a week from raiding i am a firm believer 12k is far from decent enough, I am a 633 destro Warlock

Armory Link:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hellscream/Zaebos/advanced

I did a dungeon recently to log my awful dungeon, hopefully you can inspect it, understand what I did wrong and inform me back with details, thanks 

Log: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Nt9pMGkjVFxg2T4z/

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You aren't casting Havoc at all, so you're missing out on a metric fuck ton of Shadowburn damage.


I'm in a rush to get to work, but Cataclysm fares better on larger trash packs, Servitude on ST and small pulls.


Are you also trying to FnB on less than 4 targets? Big no go as you don't have the embers for it. Stick to Chaos Bolt and and cleave those 3x shadowburns with Havoc.

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Generally for trash or more Add type situation I have been running with Grim of Sacrifice (lots of Embers generated, lots of CB and SB's can be cast), Mannoroths Fury, and Cataclysm.  This is built around AoE and Cleave, weaker Single target.


Havoc is now a 20s cooldown so first thing you should work on is using it on cooldown.  Having a mouse over macro to quickly put it on a target without changing your own is key.  Do not Glyph it.


Something along the lines of:  This one casts Havoc on your Focus Target, or your Mouse over if no focus.  Focusing the boss can make it easy to quickly Havoc it for sniping adds without having to change your targets or mouse over.


/cast [@focus,exists] [@mouseover,exists] Havoc


Don't Fizzle Out!  Always make sure you save an ember in situations where you can cleave adds.  Nothing stops you dead in your tracks faster than having multiple adds ready to shadowburn and being at half an ember.  Cant Shadowburn, cant generate more embers.


When going into a trash pull I will Cataclysm > Havoc+CB > CB my focused target again, and it should be close to ready for Shadowburn execute.  Get that Shadowburn off to start the Shadowburn Ember generation cycle and funnel as many CBs as you can while holding back that one ember for your execute.  With our current crit levels, I don't bother F&B AoEing if its just 3 targets, even 4 feels a bit weak right now compared to just single target nuking with Havoc cleave.


For Single target I have been using Grim of Supremacy, AD or MF, and Servitude with Doomguard.  Doomguard is pumping out the deeps.  Anything single target or with movement, he'll keep your dpss going.  Service is supposed to be marginally better, but it is an additional cooldown to track and time.  I would start with Sup and explore Service later.


Specifically for 5 mans, the AoE build probably works best all round.  Many bosses so far have AoE add waves and the trash between is a Cataclysm Wet Dream.  Shadowfury can be an effective way to make sure Adds don't stray from your Cataclysm cast location.  


If your the Sac build, don't forget to use your Doomguard once or twice per run.  Usually first and last boss.  He will be a significant boost on those fights.  Try to save 4 embers and Darksoul on trash pack leading to a boss so you can unload 4 CB on pull.

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