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World First Solo Raszageth and Sarkareth Raid Endbosses

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We're well and truly in the end-of-expansion era, as the solo raid boss kills are rolling in! We've recently seen an Awakened penultimate raid boss go down to a lone Demon Hunter, and now it's time for not one but two Jormungars  endbosses (albeit slightly more Sleepened) to lose their 1v1 to a regular Hunter.

Prolific solo artist Durendil, who we've previously seen in many 2-man kills and a Mythic Helya solo way back when. He's been soloing many things since then, and now he's managed to get both non-Awakened Raszageth and Sarkareth down! This particular endeavor had a bit of a time limit on it, as come week 7 of Season 4, all raids will be Awakened and players won't be able to access their regular versions anymore - making these solos impossible! And that's next week!

And so today, late in week 6, with only 3 days to go, Durendil did it! Raszageth's greatest obstacle was the shield, of course, as the lone Hunter can't break it. And that means a breezy 8ish million damage to survive over 3 minutes. Luckily, with some serious tank trinkets (Seal of Filial Duty Seal of Filial Duty Ward of Faceless Ire Ward of Faceless Ire) and the ever-favorite for solos, Seal of Diurna's Chosen Seal of Diurna's Chosen (which we also saw in the Awakened solo), as well as a defensive Bloodlust (aka Primal Rage Primal Rage) to increase Leech healing, he did just that and got the Incarnate of the Vault down!

Here's the full description of what went down in the Vault:

The survival requirements here were insane - and the first intermission rush was quite tight too.

Logs : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/wTMaQpq7G3jzCcgd#fight=last

The survival requirements came from phase 2. Since I couldn’t destroy the shields, and the DoT it puts if not broken is massive, I had to somehow survive 7.8 million damage in 3 and a half minutes. So I used double tank trinkets - from Fyrakk’s and Neltharion’s - and Diurna’s ring. And used Heroism in order to get more heals from leech and Heal CD reduction, plus all defensives, and potion.

In phase 1, I used the tank trinket on my pet so he could survive the 4th tank stack. When my pet died, I made sure she cast her next tank ability on my second pet before rezzing.

Intermission 1 : I jumped on the platform before the adds spawned. Then on the first platform I had my CDs, so I went from add to add before the previous one even died. If you don’t switch platform at the beginning of her breath, if she wants to cast a breath but you are in the middle, she will wipe you because she can’t find a target. So I had to switch before the third breath. Then on the other platform kill one big add at a time.

Phase 2 : Long story short, I planned my defensives for maximum efficiency. I used turtle at the end of the first and third shield. I also used the Rageheart shield quickly so it came back at the beginning of the second shield and the middle of the third. Since I didn't have turtle for the second shield, the 90-seconds DoT was the hardest part. Finally, during shields, I dismissed my pet to clear his tank stacks.

Intermission 3 : I could actually wipe here if I let small adds buff the damage of the big one.

Phase 3 : a dps race. I had tank trinkets, was in full AoE spec and blew hero at the worst possible time for damage. But I had enough gear to kill her before the room was full of Lightning.

Then there's that one guy in Aberrus. Sarkareth required an entirely different approach, as he had a hard timer, with the third black hole meaning instant death. That's an 8 minute timer, so the exact opposite was needed than on Raszageth, a full single-target DPS setup, despite there being quite a few adds in the fight.

Here's the full explanation of the fight:

This boss is the opposite of Razageth - it was all about dps, since the third black hole was an instant wipe. So I had to go single-target - but then I didn’t have the dps for boss + adds. So I had to kill as few adds as I could afford without getting killed by the remaining ones.

logs : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/2FGNBXLc3yYnTarW#fight=last

Note that I had the embellishment that adds dps if I'm over 90% health. Hence why I used CDs so liberally when I didn't need them later. I also avoided using Bestial Wrath when I was about to stop dps for any reason.

Phase 1 : I used heroism here. It's about the same dps gain than using it in phase 2. And the objective was getting the boss to 40% before phase 3. I made sure to stop dps as soon as he became immune, since I was playing the controlled current technique and I wanted it to proc in phase 2.

Phase 2 : I waited to get out in order to get my CDs back. The first adds get annihilated by my CD. The bombs put 7 stacks - 10 is an instant wipe, so any extra stack could cause a wipe. For the second adds, I could survive 3. I trapped one, and as soon as I had bestial wrath up, I killed 2. So only 2 were casting, which I could survive. Then I used CDs on the boss to get it to 40%. At 41%, if phase 3 wasn't coming yet, I focused adds during the "extra" time. Then I finished them during the boss immunity.

Phase 3 : You get 10 stacks, you die. And turtle doesn't block stacks from the beams or the black hole. So I could only immune the bombs. In other words, The third black hole was an instant wipe because it was the 10th stack and unavoidable. After the first ascension, I had to get the boss to come nearer to the rock or I would be out of range during the hiding. I used my CD to AoE the adds. I immuned on the first bombs. Then on the second ascension I wanted to trap an add and kill another, but It failed. Still, I could survive 2 adds. And after about five 1% wipes, I got him with around 20 seconds to spare. So I guess the optimisation paid off.

So huge congrats to Durendil for managing to pull these two kills off before the Awakening timer went off! Amirdrassil wasn't really on the menu at all since it's currently Awakened, so unless we see some more Awakened solos, this might be it for the Dragonflight World Firsts.

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