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Holy Priest HC Dungeon Build

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Hello fellow priests of Icy Veins. Today, I'd like to help you breeze through the heroic dungeons with a holy spec. The build I'm going to share it with you contains some personal taste choices but those should not make a marginal difference at the end.


The main focus points of this build are;

  1. Instant & Buffed Prayer of Mending
  2. Keeping the tank alive.
  3. Reducing the amount of buttons to press to make you more focused on your core abilities.
  4. Make death an option if you run out of mana (or if you mess up, give you more time to heal and feel less sorry for your death smile.png)


Talent Choices



15 - Angelic Bulvark

It comes down to the personal taste but I'd like to reduce the number of buttons to press. Automatic activation helps you a lot during moments of chaos and gives you some extra time to heal yourself.


30 - Body & Soul

Angelic Feather is also nice but it takes a little effort to place it on the floor, especially at boss encounters. It's not so crucial whatever you take. It's just one less button to press for me.


45 - Surge of Light

I can't tell how many times it saved me and the group... Even if there is no one to cast it at all, you can use it to refresh renew (if you are on Chakra: Serenity) or stack up Serendipity. I prefer wait and see method and try not to spend them in vain.


60 - Psychic Scream

This is totally personal but I like "get off me you fools!" side of it. It also interrupts spell casting if the target is not immune to fear.


75 - Divine Insight 

Since you are going to cast Heal and Prayer of Healing a lot, this will give you a lot of instant Prayer of Mending. Combined with the glyph, it's a tank saver. It's also one more less button to press compared to Power Infusion.


90 - Cascade

I went between this and Halo a lot but I found Cascade to be more useful and easier to use at the end. I don't know you feel the same but I find Halo and Cascade to be less useful than MoP versions.


100 - Words of Mending

This build is focused on Prayer of Mending so this talent combined with glyph, serves really well. So far this is the most useful talent for me since it suits my playstyle too. You have to watch out though, it does not cast mending at 10 stacks, it casts it on the cast after the 10th.




Glyph of Prayer of Mending 

It'll make your instant casts from Divine Insight heal the tank or the most injured more. Especially if it crits.


Glyph of Guardian Spirit

Cast this + Holy Word: Serenity and your tank will go from 10% to 70-80% in an instant. The following casts will make sure your tank stays alive for a while. Don't be shy to use it. It's especially useful for reckless tanks that pull a lot of mobs and get smashed at once.


Glyph of Spirit of Redemption 

This 3rd choice is up to personal taste but on the first days of running heroics a lot of people will take avoidable damage during boss fights, that may put you out of mana fast towards the end of the fights. When you go OOM you can just die (if you can) and enjoy prolonged period of free casts. Other than that, those 10 extra seconds might carry your party to down the boss and save the day. Which happened a lot during the first days of running heroics. 


Extra Stuff


  • You should use Chakra: Serenity all the time. That instant heal and the buff it applies will save your targets.


  • Stat Priority should always be Multistrike first since Holy Priests benefit more thanks to passive called Divine Providence. Mastery is also increases your output, especially useful on tanks, that back to back heals put a very strong Echo of Light on tanks.


  • Don't forget to take mana food with you. You may not be lucky to get a mage in your group all the time smile.png


  • Keep in mind that Lightwell is your helping hand during intense damage moments. It helps a lot! Cast it before the pull and it will do it's magic.


  • Although Divine Hymn is an excellent group saver, it's not that a saver on a tank so watch out tank's health when you channel it and don't be afraid to break it if tank's health goes extremely low.


  • Please don't dig your head in raidframes. Look up and around, know your surroundings, know who is where and doing what. No tunnel vision please. Awareness is a key to your survival.



Well, this was my first post, been a lurker for a long time on this site. Since it's my first ever post, I'm sure I missed or forgot some stuff. Please don't hesitate to ask questions. Hope this helps!




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I always say it.  We all start as Lurkers, welcome.  Glad you mentioned Lightwell/spring prepull a lot of people miss the fact that the earlier prepull you put it down the more likely you are to have it come off CD during the fight for double the hits.


Welcome and look forward to seeing more from ya!

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