Best PVE class and spec?

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I'd like to know a little thing!

what is the best PVE class and Spec?

Well...... The simple answer is to look at Simcraft results, but you have to take those with a grain of salt since those results are for a single target, 0 movement fight, which seldom happens in a raid setting.


The more complex answer is that there is no best spec, and there are more complexities, subtleties, and nuances than can be listed here that go into making each spec unique.  Then you have to account for player skill, which HEAVILY influences your dps (which I assume you are asking about, maximizing dps).  A great example is my use of marksman hunter in 5.4 MoP, even though it was the "weakest" hunter spec (which is complete bullsh*t, simcraft has us equal to survival at the time, by less than 1k dps), I was routinely at the top of damage meters, as I was/am a very skilled marksman hunter.  My comfort and skill with the spec maximized my dps with it, and even though beast mastery simmed higher at the time, I wasn't as comfortable playing beast mastery and thus didn't perform as well as I did as marksman. 

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