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Since MoP, and more specifically 5.0.5, hit, I've been looking up all the Warlock guides I could find (focusing on Destruction as that's what I'm maining). I also decided to try simcrafting my character to optimize it as best I could, but I've hit a snag.

For now, I've been going off the weights listed here: http://www.icy-veins...and-priorities/ which seem to be working well for me but I also noticed that the simcraft they're based off of is for a T14H geared lock, which I'm not.

I set up my simcraft for a 5 man heroic target and had it analyze all stats (at 10k iterations) and the weights it gave for my setup were:

-3.19 INT

-2.62 SP

-1.07 Haste

-1.03 Crit

-0.87 Mastery

-0.05 Hit

New to simcraft, I'm not sure what to take on this but it seems very odd that hit would be so low. Considering my gear is lower (iLvl 459) than the aforementioned simcraft, I can understand that the weights would differ. Now, I just need some help making sense of it all.

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If you're a relaxed raider, then I would continue playing the spec you enjoy and are comfortable with. Otherwise, I heavily suggest you look into Affliction because as a Warlock, if you play any other spec, you're holding your raid group back.

That aside, your Simcraft ratings are showing the values to you of your CURRENT set up. The reason Hit was so low is because you already have hit on your gear but I'd go so far as to estimate you're not capped but close to capping. Other things to ask:

Gear set up? Did you break haste thresholds? How long were your iterations? Were all buffs and debuffs present? Did you use the pre-set rotation or your own rotation? Trinkets?

These are all very consequential questions to ask before running your iterations.

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The hit cap for 5man heroics is 12% (4080 hit rating), because the bosses in 5man heroics are level 92. The raid bosses are level 93 and require 15% hit (5100 hit rating) not to have any misses. So, the hit cap for 5man HCs is much lower than the hit cap for raids. Check your profile: if you set simcraft to 5man heroics, but are already over 12%hit, then hit is of no value to you.

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