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6.0.3 Affliction VS Demonology

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Keep in mind that raiding hasn't come out yet so you're asking us to predict the future. Our ability to do so is along the same lines of a meteorologist giving you a 10 day forecast,  if we tell you there is a 20% chance of showers in the afternoon - don't leave home without a life jacket.


If you want pros and cons of both specs, read the guides we have pinned for them. They are kept up to date and cover 95% of everything you could want to know.

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I Think Destro brings more utility on table than Demo for cleaving and aoeing constantly if are needed to.


Using the right stuff to execute mechanics and brings utility on core moments of fights, does make u kill a boss faster.

DPS Single target does not matter, 5% more or less did not make u fail or kill a boss even in high end progression,

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