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Weapon damage dispute

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So I've got two weapons and I'm not understanding the differences.


Here are two screenshots comparing them:



Now comparing the stats, the gun has:

- Higher damage range

- Faster speed

- Higher DPS

- Higher iLevel

- 5 LESS agility than the bow (w/ the gems and socket bonus)

- More Haste

- More Mastery


But for some reason, the warbow is showing 105 more damage in the paper doll, AND in my recount tests, the warbow was averaging 16.9-17.1k DPS, whereas the gun I could barely keep above 16k.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Gun is better. Damage on paper doll is meaningless, because it's just the autoattack damage. Weapon DPS is the stat that's used for calculating ability damage, and the gun's dps is higher. Testing DPS is anecdotal, when in doubt - simulationcraft.  

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Yeah just choose higher ilvl pieces for weapon at the moment, assuming you're MM. Weapon damage is our best attribute by a lot. 

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