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[Addon Question] Voice Encounter Mods VEM under moderation?

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Hi. So there's an addon called Voice Encounter Mods that can be described as DBM on text to speech  steroids. It's a brilliant addon, very useful.


I noticed it's been  suspended/put under moderation or something? I wondered if anyone knows what the deal is. It has been updated for WoD dungeons, everything works. Did the authors do something naughty?


WoW Interface:

Download Disabled
This file has been put on hold. The author has been contacted and some issues need to be rectified before this download will be re-enabled.





This project is in moderation.




Edit: Well I found the answer to my own question -.-






Bye for now

Sorry, DBM has been made as a non-open-source project. Thus VEM can no longer do what we do before.

Well, the good news is DBM plans to have better callbacks which can be used by other addons like VEM to become a plugin of DBM.

Let's just hope that day comes sooner than later...

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This makes me sad. VEM is a great addon.

Kind of a dick move to make DBM closed source for a free project. Maybe they got tired of VEM? Idk but I really hope DBM gets better or else I'll just have to use big wigs.

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WoW's AddOn policy dictates that addons need to have all of their code exposed:



2) Add-on code must be completely visible.
The programming code of an add-on must in no way be hidden or obfuscated, and must be freely accessible to and viewable by the general public.



The above post implies DBM is now breaking that rule?

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completely visible is different from open source.


completely visible means I need to be able to look at all of your code to make sure you aren't doing anything shady.


open source means I can re-use all or parts of your code in my own project, or can add my code into your project to make a better version of it, and I can then make that available as my own as long as I give credit back to you for the parts I borrowed. DBM going non-open source (I wouldn't call it closed source, because the code is still visible, just not open) just means they no longer authorize people to use their work in other projects.

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OMG. I just got back use using big wigs again and have it all nice and set up......

I might have to go try this now to see how it works >.>

Although I probably won't use it until the HUD features are back.

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