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Windwalker Priority help

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Hi guys! I have a question about CE, and how big of a priority it is in a single target fight.


In 5.2.1 in the Windwalker guide we are told the following:

Regarding Rising Sun Kick, it is important to note that if you are using wow_icon_ability_monk_chiexplosion.jpg Chi Explosion, then it is better to spend Chi on that instead of on Rising Sun Kick. In that case, Rising Sun Kick will only be used as needed to maintain the debuff it applies

Putting CE fairly high in the priority, making us only do RSK to maintain the buff and spend chi on this instead


However in 5.3.8 the following is said

wow_icon_ability_monk_chiexplosion.jpg Chi Explosion causes several alterations to how your abilities should be used. We have covered most of these throughout the guide, but there is one more important one. If you are using Chi Explosion, this ability will replace wow_icon_ability_monk_roundhousekick.jpg Blackout Kick in your single target rotation, and it will become the last in order of priority, to be used only with 3 or more Chi.

Putting it lowest in the priority, under even Chi wave.


So which is it? one of the highest or the very lowest?

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Hey, Earithrandil

In a Single Target fight you shouldn't be using Chi Explosion unless you have decent amount of haste. It's only better then Serenity when it's cleave fight, for a ST Fight ONLY Serenity is the way to go.


Does that mean we're going to have to be swapping from CE to Serenity between ST and AOE fights?

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Does that mean we're going to have to be swapping from CE to Serenity between ST and AOE fights?


Yes, but to be honest i hate using CE it just feels to clunky for me. I haven't messed around with it too much, For AOE fights i have been using RJW/Serenity/Chi Brew combo which is still really good. Also Stat values changes between both talents:  




MH - 10.83
OH - 5.32
Agi - 5.44
AP - 4.83
Multi - 1.89
Vers - 1.76
Crit - 1.75
Haste - 1.57
Mastery - 0.87
Chi Explosion
MH - 7.21
OH - 3.59
Agi - 5.22
AP - 4.61
Haste - 1.8
Multi - 1.69
Crit - 1.56
Vers - 1.56
Mastery - 0.59

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In a Single Target fight you shouldn't be using Chi Explosion unless you have decent amount of haste. It's only better then Serenity when it's cleave fight, for a ST Fight ONLY Serenity is the way to go.

Ah, yes. Should've clarified. What I meant was single target situations in cleave or aoe fights, I've seen them happen in Brackenspore, Tectus, and the Twins all of who are mainly cleave fights and therefore encounters I go Ascension and CE for. (also haste mushrooms on brackenspore). Sometimes we only have one target to hit during them, and I feel like CE just gets, as you said, really clunky and awkward to use at those times.

Serenity and Chi brew might be better still during those fights because of this, I'm not sure, but for the sake of argument let's say they're not.


Would an acceptable single target rotation work somewhat like this:


Keeping Tiger Power up

Keeping RSK debuff up


TP if >3 Chi and not near energy cap

CE at 3 Chi with proc

Chi wave

CE at 3 Chi


Basically replacing Blackout Kick with CE in the priority list but keeping it at 3 Chi using Tiger Palm, so that no Chi is wasted on unnecessary cleave? Since the damage of Tiger Palm is greater than the added damage of another Chi in CE, it sort of wastes a global but I'm not sure how big of an issue that is as long as energy is not capped?

Edited by Earithrandil

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I have not messed around with CE to answer your question. I hate using it to be honest it just feels so clunky and awkward. I'll do some testing this weekend and let you know. 

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I really like CE. Easier to get in FoFs, slower gameplay (more time thinking forward regarding upcoming procs and TEB etc).

You still use chi at 4 chi on single target, because the dmg increases per chi.

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You still use chi at 4 chi on single target, because the dmg increases per chi.

Yes, but one chi on CE is only 2,076 added damage while a Tiger Palm is 4,731-5,958. (Note: with my current stats) Even with the 50% dot effect from CE, Tiger palm still does more damage per chi spent.

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