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What are the best Glyphs?

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I was a shadow priest, leveled to 100 got to 630 Ilevel, decided it wasn't for me and rerolled DK.


Loving it so far, Not felt this fresh on a character for a long time, i pretty much have my rotation down and my damage for generous boss fights are at about 16-20k dps sustained and AOE dps is incredible. 


However, i am still unsure on what glyphs are the best for me, I will be raiding Mythic Highmaul next week with my guild, if that is any help to you for deciding.


Also, just checking in that my gear is in the correct order, i Balance Mastery - multi, but i favour Mastery for scourge spam, unsure if this is correct. 


I currently need to replace 2 items, My chest piece and my Belt that's still green, im sitting at 633 Ilevel on my Death knight.


I Play unholy. 


Armoury link - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/doomhammer/Auth/simple


Ignore the progress bars, as i said, This dude was sat idle for a long long time while i mained shadow priest. 

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None of the DK glyphs are massive obvious dps gains or anything, but there are a couple that situationally could generate, or save you some RP. but really it's almost completely a matter of preference.


Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell, Regenerative Magic, or Absorb Magic - These three glyphs are exclusive to eachother, so you can only pick one, but you should pick one. I prefer anti-magic shell, probably mostly because it's the one that's been around forever, and I've been using, but also because a full absorb can sometimes stop a debuff from applying. Absorb magic makes AMS completely defensive, and I wouldn't recommend it. maybe if it also doubled the duration then it could be more viable, but as it it's a niche tank glyph for extreme magic figths. Regenerative magic makes it so you can use AMS more often if you don't use the full absorb. This is a good glyph for fights that have small, constant magic damage rather than one big attack you're trying to avoid, and this one still allows you to generate RP. As I stated before though, I prefer the tried and true Glyph of Anti Magic Shell.


Raise Ally - setting aside 30rp to battle res is a pain, and it can throw off your whole rotation for a lot longer than the time it takes to res. This glyph makes our battle res free, which turns into a dps gain for you (or rather negates a dps loss) if you need to res someone. but in mythic you only get 1 res every 5ish minutes, so if you have a lot of res'ers then maybe you can just skip res'ing most of the time anyways. I'm currently using this though since it's one of the few glyphs that situationally could help your dps.


Glyph of outbreak - glyph of outbreak allows you to refresh diseases more often at the cost of 30rp, which if you're using plague leech can then be converted into 2 runes, which will generate 20rp of that back anyways. there was a thread the other day about how this is a dps gain for 2H frost, but death coil is a lot stronger for unholy than frost strike is for 2H, so it may not be as much of a gain, or could even be a dps loss. and unholy can refresh both diseases for 1 plague strike also.

Glyph of Empowerment - using empowerment heals you for 30% of your HP, which is a solid heal, but you can only use empowerment once, maybe twice per fight. and you aren't going to sit on empowerment as a defensive cooldown, so it'd may or may not give you healing when you need it, but it could be benefitial. everything from this point down on the list is either extremely situational or barely provides anything at all anyways, so this could be a viable choice for your third glyph.


Shifting Presences - this has always been a glyph we put on because there wasn't any other good choice anyways. but honestly if you're switching to blood presence you're probably dead anyways, and switching to unholy for 15% more speed mid fight doesn't happen, although I would love a fight with such insane movement requirements that it became a requirement, I don't see that happening though.


Dark Simulcrum - I don't know how many fights, if any, will have spells we can steal for a dps gain, but they sometimes exists. and if a fight has one, then being able to use dark simulcrum 2x as often = 2x the dps gain. but ti's entirely fight dependent. in early Garrosh progression I glyphed dark simulcrum because stealing the chain lightning from wolf riders did 1-2mil damage, and the glyph allowed me to steal the spell again when the next wolf rider came out. but that's the only fight where it was a huge benefit, most other uses of dark simulcrum are usually minor.


Minor Glyphs

Tranquil Grip - allows you to death grip for positional purposes without taunting. Useful on add fights where tanks need help gathering them.


Army of the Dead - If your army taunts something it isn't supposed to you're going to get yelled at. but army's dps is so low now that other than pre-army the only other time you'd use it is defensively, in which case you want them taunting stuff off you. so it's your choice.

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