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Thermal Void

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After making some testing Ive decided this to be dead talent as you need to cast 2 lances after each  fb to have it conctantly up and this is a huge dps loss. Now I am looking at bis sheet from pinned threan and see that we are trying there to achieve some haste cap for thermal void. Can you explain me please how to use TV in the right way? As soo as I can not find any situation where I shoul duse it... Maybe on very hard movement fights, but I have not seen such fight in current or upcoming content..

And sory fir my bad english - it is not my native language.

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The whole idea of TV is that casting IL outside of FoF is not a dps loss because far many more spells are influenced by IV. 
TV appears to be the best choice when a bit more highly geared.

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