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New Tier List for Zenless Zone Zero Released!

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We are thrilled to announce that the latest tier list for Zenless Zone Zero is now available on our website! Find out who ranks top tier!

Icy vein just released the first Zenless Zone Zero Tier List! Whether you are familiar with Hoyoverse games, or just starting out with Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ), the tier list will help you get a first look on the characters in game, how they play, and how they rank. 

Our tier list has been meticulously put together to provide you with the best information possible, and the most up-to-date rankings.

The list is based on the current version of the game, and will of course be updated regularly, so make sure to keep an eye on it!

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    • By Shikhu
      In the latest 1.1.3 beta update, exciting adjustments have been made to the three unreleased characters: Qingyi, Seth Lowell, and Jane Doe. Read on to check out the buffs and nerfs alongside how it might impact their power!
      Much like other MiHoYo games, Zenless Zone Zero has multiple closed beta changes for unreleased characters every week. While Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail tend to have EN beta equivalents, ZZZ at this point in time only has Chinese skill descriptions. 

      One user, /u/Possible-Card1451 has provided translations to these skill changes which can be found below. But to provide a summary:
      Jane Doe - Buffs to Core Skills and Basic Attacks. Mindscapes Nerfed.  Qingyi - Core Skills and Basic Attack nerfed slightly. Mindscapes Buffed. Seth Lowell - Wide range of adjustments to their kit not just number changes. Jane's W-Engine changed from Anomaly Mastery to Anomaly Buildup Qingyi's W-Engine overhauled to provide increased DMG to the entire squad. Event W-Engine changed to be for Attack agents and overhauled to increase ATk and EX Special Attack DMG.  
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      You can have a look at the latest character teaser for Zhu Yuan here: 
      Together with Zhu Yuan, you will also be able to get her signature W-Engine: The Riot Suppressor Mark VI! 
      With the patch, several events will also begin, such as the "Eh-Nah" Into Your Lap event, where you can receive Boopon every day, as well as the Watch Your Step Event, introducing Icedrift Hollows, and the Masterful Masterpiece Event, allowing you to get some free coffee and noodles for a limited time!
      There are plenty of activities to keep you busy during the summer! You will, of course, receive some Polychromes during certain events, which will help you get Zhu Yuan or her W-Engine if you wish to pull for her!
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      Participate in the Friendship Supervision Event from July 15th, 2024, to August 5th, 2024, and get your very own Luckyboo!
      To participate, you need to meet certain requirements, such as reaching inter-knot level 30 and completing the Main Chapter 2 Interlude - Intermission.
      This event is divided into multiple parts that will be unlocked over time.
      You can find detailed information and a guide for each day and the related commissions here.
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    • By Shikhu
      Leaks of a new Goldfinger Arcade game have appeared for patch 1.1 of Zenless Zone Zero featuring a "Vampire Survivors" style minigame.
      Yesterday, telegram account Babymonstersleak shared a short video showcasing a potential new minigame releasing in patch 1.1 of Zenless Zone Zero. This telegram account has historically showcased a lot of information from Honkai Star Rail and Wuthering Waves and this information is therefore likely to be reliable.

      This minigame is supposedly called Bizzare Bricade and footage can be found here from /r/Zenlesszonezeroleaks_ or directly on their telegram account.

      This arcade game features up to 4 players running around a field at night collecting coins and firing projectiles at enemies to score points. 

      Additionally in the footage shown you can clearly see more than 4 character options available, could this mean that this arcade game has more progression than Snake Duel and Soul Hounds III? 

      Some people have also noticed that the game is awfully similar to early stages of the hit bullethell game "Vampire Survivors". This has players defeat enemies in a similar manner while the game increases the amount of enemies and attacks as time goes on while players upgrade their attacks.  

      It is not currently know if this arcade game will feature as a permanent mode or as an "Event Mode" inside of the Goldfinger Arcade.
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