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How Soloable Are Shadowlands Raids at Level 80 in the War Within?

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How difficult is it to solo Shadowlands raids in the War Within at Level 80?

With the War Within pre-patch, transmog collecting has never been easier, encouraging more players to farm old raids! As Shadowlands turns two years old with the release of War Within, the legacy buff should apply to these raids. However, Blizzard often takes some time to adjust old raids for soloing.

Recently, Blizzard made Battle for Azeroth raid bosses easier to solo but what's the current state of Shadowlands raids for Level 80 players?

Castle Nathria isn't accessible in the War Within Beta, so it's unclear if its Mythic Difficulty bosses can be soloed.

Content creator MrGM attempted to solo Sepulcher of the First Ones on Normal and Heroic Difficulty and found it "very easy." Mythic should be doable as well, unless there are unique mechanics that require more people or can one-shot you.

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I solo'd Nathria Normal the other day on my 521 ilvl druid, it's the highest I have tried so far. (Not bothered much since we haven't got legacy loot in there yet)

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They should really give any raids prior to the current expansion a remix like debuff where stuff just pops. I don't see the reason not to.

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As a hunter who already solo'd all of Shadowlands Mythic, it's doable in Mythic gear right now (videos are on my channel if you want to confirm).
A druid also did the same, so it's not class dependent.

There are no mechanically unsoloable bosses. Most can be done by hitting them hard - count 600k dps for the hardest ones. Note that covenants made me go from 300k to 600k dps on my hunter.
Kael'thas Mythic will be easy in TWW, the bandages heal for several million. Anduin Mythic hits hard, but also should be easy at level 80.

So once we are 80 with normal/heroic gear, and survivability isn't an issue anymore, it should be a rather easy as long as you have a level 80 covenant (summonless classes might need Necrolord for Kel'thuzad) since we'll have far more dps than needed.

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