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Pulled out the Vid for Grimrail from the CM thread to make it easier to find. 


There was nothing that made this CM significantly harder from a Healers PoV from the Heroic.  There has not been the same surge in strat requests either.  I will mention that the 1st encounter, Borka and Rocketspark should be brought down at the same time.  Borka's Charge should be avoided by all melee and will one shot most. 


As Disc I ran PI and SS on separate clears and both performed well.  If forced to choose one for each encounter (if you are carrying both Disc specs) I'd go with PI for Rocketspark/Borka and Thundertower then switch to SS for Skylord Torva.  Only SS at the end to provide a cushion for the AoE that gets dropped on you.  If your dps are trustworthy you can stick w/ PI and not worry about spec swapping during the run.


The most healing intensive parts of the entire CM are when the Flamethrower trash mobs arent positioned and hit your group.  Reminder to heal up before running through the Slag Car, it will easily finish you off if you are on the wrong side.


GL and happy Medal hunting to go along with your 640 Daily CM turn in!  May your itemized Warforged be plentiful.

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