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Lining up CD's : Advice wanted!

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Hey guys,


Im new to a mage this expansion after giving up my warlock and shadow priest (caster for life!) due to a feeling of lack of depth after blizz took out snap shotting.


I wouldn't say i ever been great at this game but im the kind of person who is running challenge modes and really enjoying them and being happy to clear.


I like frost and think its probably going to be main spec throughout and im really enjoying the mobilty it gives me compared to other specs with all the instant cast spells, it fits a lot of the current dungeons and hopefully the raids really well.


But now to my problem and where i get a bit lost. For my 90 talent i have ice nova, i like the utilty and burst it gives me compared to frost bomb which just feels a bit lacluster at the best of times to me. Like most of my 100 talent i have crystal.


For my opener i can range from the medicore to the down right insane dps, but then nothing... Everything just falls flat. I get the using the water jet on cd and using procs when available etc but what about my big cd's then?


I find myself so torn between using frozen orb on cd or waiting that little bit longer for it to line up with crystal and then i want to wait the extra for icey veins... as well as this i want to save my ice nova for crystal as well!


So two things really, am i wasting my time with ice nova? Is frost bomb just far superior damage wise that its not worth taking ice nova for the utility?


And what do you guys recommend with reguards to cd's. Ive tried lining them up in different ways and none of the feel right!


Obviously certain things will be boss dependant but im talking general patchwork signle target rotation


Sorry if this has been answered a lot before!

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i feel your pain. i have the same feeling. it just doesnt feel right.


imo on short fights use them together. since you wont make it for them to align again.


PC 0 - 1.5 - 3

FO 0 - 1 - 2 - 3


as you can see it will take 3 minutes before it comes back up together.

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