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Hi guys,

Looking for some hints and tips on how to improve my DPS/Damage. I do feel I should be pulling a lot more than I currently am. I have everything binded, correct addons with a reasonable good APM in this game and others (SC2). Difficult for me to compare with other raiders in my raid group - the ranged DPS have almost 3k more intellect than I do, so appriciate gear plays a role here. But I am more interesting were I am going wrong, so please any advice is greatly appriciated.

My rotation - Pull, CoE > DS/glove tinker > SB > SS > Haunt > MG.

Using MG for the duration of Haunt then manually refreshing DOT's if below 10 sec before applying Haunt. MG as filler above 20% and DS below 20% - refreshing DOTs SB>SS.

When in destruction my rotation is:

CoE > Dark Soul /Glove Tinker > Immloate > Conflagrate > Incinerate until two embers then CB. I think am going wrong here in not building up embers, I usually find myself casting CB with 2 embers up. How much do you guys build up before casting CB?

Links to logs and character.







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On this attempt, you had 1 Unstable Affliction miss that dropped your uptime from 99.4% to 94.4%. You maintained Corruption and Agony to a near 100% uptime, but failed to do this with UA. This is a product of the hot topic in the community of missing. Further down, I noticed you had a staggering FOUR misses with Drain Soul. This was likely brutal to your DPS as Affliction's execute phase is where they shine. You also were not using a flask for this encounter.

On a note, I realize the UA miss could have been during the Epicenter cast. Make sure you refresh DoTs before he begins this cast so that you do not have those DoTs falling off. The Drain Soul misses confuse me unless you used them during Epicenter to replenish shards.


It is difficult to assess logs on Gara'jal due to whoever is loading the logs will have a biased view due to the phasing in this encounter. Unless these are your logs, which I'm going out on a limb to say they are not, you won't have an accurate view. The reason I say these aren't your logs is it clocks you at 60k DPS but 40k effective meaning you spent a majority of your time in the Shadow Realm. These logs look really funny as it says you had the buff "Summon Doomguard" up for 295.2 seconds. Either you found a bug, exploited, or your Doomguard is a Stage 5 clinger. Looks like you only used Synapse Springs 3 times, but again...hard to assess with logs being weird on this fight. I know one thing...you didn't use a flask.


Using Harvest Life during Maddening Shout isn't a good idea. Use Rain of Fire. It does an instant tick of damage and you can immediately stop casting and let the others clean up. One tick is all you should need. Again, no flask. You had a lot of misses with various things...the log is being weird about misses. I can't tell what's going on with it, but you had a lot of stuff not stick.

Your DoT uptime is fantastic, your Haunt uptime could improve a bit, but I know that's RNG based. Use a Flask.

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