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BrM Monk 1-H or 2-H in WoD

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From simcraft, it has showed the 1-h is better than 2h in all datas.


But I don't really understand how 1-h could help early progression.


This is my thought:

!-H has more DPS and can have more crit swings. but required more haste.


So if we don't have enough haste, it's not only we won't be able to have the DPS boost, but also we can't generate enough Shuffle.So if we choose to use 1h, we will also have to stack on haste more.


However, at early progression, BrM monk would be likely not stacking tons haste/crit, at least I am not on stacking them. I think Mastery/Multistrike/Versatility are more helpful for survival purpose. 


Also, the extra crit from the swings can also generate more Elusive Brew which are giving a big amount dodge(45%). But it is still avoidance, which means even though we were be able to generate a full stack Elusive Brew(15sec), we might only be able to have around 3 dodges during that term. (since we have 1 sec GCD after each spell used).


Last, crit won't generate Healing spheres anymore, instead, multistrike, which give me one fewer reason to need those extra crit from 1-H. 




Also, to compromise the Elusive Brew buffs, yes, I admitted they are useful. So I used Chi Brew for single target fight, which can generate 2 chi and 5 stacks brew. So if I really needed more dmg reduction, I used chi brew and use the chi for guard/shuffle/purify brew, than use the brew. 


Power Strike I'm more likely to use for AoE fight, or target swiching/regular downtime fight. 


This is totally my theory crafting, correct me if I said something wrong. Also, leave some comments about what u thought. too. :D 

English is not my first language, please forgive those grammar bugs =P 


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I forget 2-H has longer GCD. Also, 2 1-H can make the enchant proc 2 times, especially tank enchant Mark of Blackrock will proc bonus armor once our health dropped below 50%. That sounds really awesome bth... Maybe this is the deal breaker?

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