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Help with Resto druid logs

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Good evening people. I think I'm doing pretty decently on my healing druid, and it's my first time trying out a druid, I've been a disc priest for years now.


One thing I am having trouble dealing with is when tanks are close to dying, I know they are going to die, but I feel like I don't have much to do in trying to save them. (Basically what I try to check is if Nature Swiftness is up, Swiftmend (slacking on that a bit), and I think I'm slacking on IronBark quite a lot to be honest. I am not having any mana problems, in fact, mana has been fine (and I know this might be a problem, maybe.)


Here is my armory. And this is the log for a Leroy Jenkins run we did and a Auchindoun challenge mode one.

Mainly I'm looking for advice on Mahal's deaths, but any other tips are also appreciated.

Thanks a lot for your time.

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You should try Cenarion Ward. It's pretty good atm. If you have no mana problems, the easiest burst heal would be rejuv > rejuv > genesis, and if you go with SotF you'll have really good burst heal on short cd. With Incarnation you can't do much outside of spamming Regrowth on the tank. Also try glyphing Regrowth, it's better for short bursts, removes the rng.

But at the end of the day you gotta get used to tanks dying in CM's, especially paladins smile.png


Also you should use mushroom!

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I really wish I would have recorded my CM today. I had a paladin tank that did really well on the silvers we got.

I absolutely hate cenarion ward, because it was pretty trash all of MoP. I used it in the CMs today and was half and half ok with it. There were time it did great, other time it was lackluster. I may need to get use to it, but I don't see myself using this in anything that has more than 5 people.

I'll get logs for the silver runs tommorrow w when I wake up.

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