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Resto Druid healing in CM

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I am fairly new to WoW healing but I've been doing a lot of heroics and CM daily runs to try and get new gear. I was wondering if it was normal for Druids to have a lot of mana problems during boss fights in these dungeons whenever I do a CM run it seems like I am going oom after every pull not including bosses and during boss fights i'm between 0-5 percent mana when we have the boss around 20 percent almost every time..  I don't use any add-ons so don't really have any meters or stuff like that but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how to manage my mana better or if this was normal early on for druids?

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What talents are you running? In a CM, usually you're going to run oom more often, that's just the nature of it.

Today I ran UBRS and Shadowmoon Burial Grounds to push for some silver medals, I'm fairly use to how a CM works so I can manage the mana ok, but it is important to drink before big trash or bosses because having the extra mana matters. The group you have also makes the difference on how good they are at avoiding damage. In both CMs today, I felt like I had way more mana than usual after some fights. Possibly just a better group? Idk, we had very low silver time, losing gold by almost 6 mins on each, that probably makes a difference.

The talents I am using for CM are as follows

Displacer Beast

Cenarion Ward - make a weak aura. USE IT. if you're not using it you may as well go back to YG.

Typhoon. - help tank kite

Soul of the forest - use this on Rejuv or regrowth, but don't override either. If you need tank heals, Rejuv and spam regrowth.

Vortex - so good for tank kite

Heart of the wild - useful to help dps the boss and a pump in healing for each boss fight. Usually I Rejuv / LB / mushroom tank, and then spam wrath and moon fire.

Germination - I can't get behind the rampart growth playstyle. It ooms me too much. I need to play a bit more with it to get use to it, but usually I try to hard to be optimal with it I just lose my hots and mana.

Lastly, without logs it's hard to see if you're actually doing anything correctly. You can log CM in Warcraft logs.

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Without logs or further details, it's kinda hard to tell where the problem comes from. However, here are some general tips that might help you or diagnose what the problem is.


Group Comp.

When we did CMs the first week, we used a BrM tank before they got buffed. I had a lot of mana problems since I had to spend most of my time spamming into him to keep him alive.  After that we started using a Blood DK which helped a lot since they have a lot more self healing. The tank that you're running with can have a pretty big impact on your mana.


Group DPS.

It could be that bosses are just taking too long to die. Without having logs or anything this is only a guess.



Make sure your group knows you are having mana problems. They should be trying to stay in efflo whenever possible.



Like Krazy said, although I do have some personal preference changes.

I'd go with Tree of Life over SoTF. The mana reduction and healing increase you get while in tree form is pretty nice. It makes it much more manageable to spam rejuv/germ on everyone during high AoE fights. Instant regrowths are great for tank healing too. Just with the way healing has felt so far in WoD, I value a big CD over throughput.

With Heart of the Wild, if you are having mana problems you are probably not going to have much time to use it offensively. My tip would be to plan to use it for the output instead.


Also, I'd advise to get a lightweight Recount/Skada type addon. Number aren't everything, but being able to look through the different things they offer can really help, as well as help us help you.


These are just some general tips and things I've observed since doing CMs in WoD. I hope they help you some, and good luck.

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Tree is a fine choice. I switched to SoTF yesterday for what ever reason and it worked to get the silver. Not really sure why I used it, but it helped give big rejuvs or big regrowth (and the occasional big wild growth when needed).

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This are alitle bit off topic but are cm related (feel free to delete or tell me to delete it) but im wondering what you guys are using to get mana back between pulls,im guessing the amber dosent really work anymore...trided it in provings and it wouldent let me drink, trided it out of combat and saw that it was casted and dident really refill fast. Are ther anyting similar to them in WoD or is it just the normal refill x amout of mana and health type of food I need to get? Havent started doing cms yet but probebly will soon.

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