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Tapif's stupid questions thread

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Hi guys,


i think i have some more questions which are not very related to my previous topic, and i thought that instead of creating a new topic for each one of them, i could gather them in a single topic. I hope you will have the patience to explain me some things.


So here we go, first question is about the arcane cycle rotation, and especially about arcane orb.

Let's say i fight a boss which has two adds with him. I cast arcane orb, and i get 4 arcane charge. What shall i do after casting nether tempest, if i am on a single target dps duty?


1) Casting arcane blast one or two times with 4 arcanic charge on it, to do more damage and hoping that i get an arcane charge proc?

2) Directly cast arcane barrage, burn my arcane charges, and go back on the classical arcane blast/arcane missile/ arcane barrage rotation?

Thanks :)

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I too am a little lost when it comes to Arcane Rotation!!


I've been sticking to the, as you call it, classical AB/AM/ABarr MoP rotation cause its muscle memory for me right now and I seem to do 10k-12k dps in crap gear (iLvl 618 currently) with PC and Supernova. 


I've tried the same without PC and get a steady 10k and drop dps when I drop Supernova for NT.


Berlinia put out a lvl 100 guide few months back, before WoD released, on what to do as arcane at lvl 100 in terms of rotation and other things and it was suggested to do the even more classical Burn and Conserve method; but when trying that it seems to be very hard to get my mana to 50% if i use AM even once.


I also refuse, REFUSE! to use RoP anymore so that is prolly going to hurt me too, since MI seems to be tailored to Frost (as they are not affected by Mastery or Arc Power but are to all the frost stats and IV) and Incanters Flow just doesn't give the steady power RoP has. I still choose to go MI for the mobility and it seems, on my meter anyway, to pull slightly more ahead than if im on IF.


Also, what do we do in terms of AoEing adds, Mop style AE at 4 stacks and throw in a Cone of Cold when off CD or is there something new to do???


I'm by far no pro and would love to hear what the Pro's have to say.

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