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Balance rotation

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Hey, just picked up boomkin with my 90 boost, about to start Highmaul later tonight. I don't have logs, this is more about the general idea of the rotation. So my main focus is on just when to Starfire and when to Wrath. I'm specced for Euphoria right now.


I open with:

Starfire > SS > Starfire > (Lunar peak) Moonfire > Starfire


Now I used my Lunar Empowerment and I'm approaching 0 so I start casting Wrath so it casts while I'm still in Lunar, but it goes off at about 10 Solar. These numbers might not be exact I'm just trying to give an idea of what I'm doing.


Then I SS > Wrath > (Solar peak) Sunfire > Wrath > Wrath


After I use my Solar Empowerment I start casting Starfire as I'm transitioning into Lunar past the 0 and on. Then I try to rinse and repeat, sometimes I have a charge left over and I just go back and use it on the next rotation. I find this always leads me to having a SS in the chamber ready to go. I try to not waste any charges of Empowerments. With better gear and more haste I feel this will go a lot smoother, but right now it's very tedious playing boomkin in dungeons because without my big cooldowns it takes a little to ramp up damage, and I can't just use Starfall whenever I want for trash.


Also am I supposed to get Moonfire and Sunfire up as soon as possible and then use it again to get the bonus peak damage?

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Read the guide posted in the forums and it'll answer all of your questions about rotation.

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