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To the Hunter community here, I'm now going to be starting to stream on Twitch!  I'll be streaming just about everything from farming leathery caged beasts to heroic/challenge dungeons to raiding on my hunter and on my monk when I get him to 100 (and yes, I'll be streaming while I level him up as well).  You can find the stream here and it will soon be in my signature.  Do note that WoW isn't the only game I will be streaming, as I will be streaming myself playing Osu! and Diablo 3.  


My general Raid times are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday @ 8-11 PM EST, 5-8 PM PST and Sunday 7-10 PM EST, 4-7 PM PST.  This Thursday I have a test, so I won't be streaming until I'm done with that, but I will be streaming that day for the raid.  Outside of those times I will be streaming rather erratically throughout the day depending on whether or not I remember to set up the stream and how long I plan on playing.  I will be live a few min after posting this, so stop by, say hello, leave a comment, or just chill out.


Edit: Well, with WoW servers still being down, I'll be streaming Osu for now.  Tonight I will be streaming WoW.

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