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Choosing the best spec for challenge modes

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Hi everyone, i've been a stalker on these forums and quite a few websites and forums say different things about dps to the point where im really confused.


Right now my guild is focusing on Challenge modes (not doing too bad, quite a few silvers so far). I thought i haven't really seen many posts about challenge mode specs and thought i'd create a reference post seeing if i can get any clarity.


but the burning question i have right now is in the title: choosing the best spec (and talents) for CM's. Now i get that burst damage and aoe is important as mastering CM is about handling trash. Currently im using Destro as GoSac + Cata but im also glyphed DS as i thought more burst phases and use in tangent with Cata. However, as aparent, Boss dps isnt the highest. i understand that but im wondering the best rotation in using cata (including if the boss doesn't have any adds) where in the rotation should this be put? How is demo in comparison running with comparison?


TL;DR These questions:


-In your opinon best spec thats worked for your CM experience?

-Rotation on GoSac + Cata (MAINLY for bosses) (timings on when to blow cds, etc)



Thanks Again for any input! 

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Only answer is two specs. ALL of the gold CM runners I've seen have had two specs, two demo specs, two destro specs, or a demo and a destro.


Once spec for trash, one for boss. Only costs you a few seconds to switch specs and gives you a HUGE dps gain.


What I plan to do is either demo/destro or demo/demo. Depending on how raids go this week and if they make any hotfixes.


Demo/destro would be GoServ, KJC, Demonbolt - glyphed DS. Destro would have GoSup, KJC, Cata - glyphed DS


Demo/demo would be the same for boss, and the AoE demo would be GoSup, Manno, Cata - glyphed DS.

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