Removal of Basic Cards from Arena Rewards

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New player here, going through the usual guide stuff. All the advice says, don't spend gold on basic boosters, win them in the arena instead. But it has been announced that from now on, all boosters won from the arena will be G&G.


Which is nice.


But it's a bit poor if you want cards from the basic set. Which given that I've only been playing for five minutes, and I'm a completionist to boot, I do. What would you, oh lovely denizens of the IV forums, suggest that I do? Get G&G stuff and make what I need using dust from extra cards? Spend gold on Basic boosters? Or something else that hasn't occurred to me?


Yours at the shuffling of the cards


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It makes sense to give out only new packs. Most people only want cards that they dont have and don't care if it's vanilla or GvG. If you get GVG packs as arenareward the first 20 packs will contain mostly new cards. After that you will start to collect copies and can dust them for what every you want, vanilla or GvG.

So if yout only goal is to grow your collection this is the setup that makes most sense.

Hope it helps,


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