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Fell behind Frost as Unholy DPS in Highmaul

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So my Guild did the first two bosses in Normal Highmaul last night. Me and another Guildie who were similarly geared, him having a little better gear due to Timeless ring, and better trinkets dueked it out. Both Boss fights he edge me out about 1k higher in dps. I'm a bit frustrated.


While I don't believe I pulled off a "perfect" Unholy Rotation. I don't remember missing more then a hand full of Soul Reapers, and Defile was always on Cooldown and I also pooled up RP during Dark Transformation never allowing it to go over 100%, pet was transformed as fast as possible anytime DT fell off. I'm using WeakAuras 2 to track all of this. On the 3rd boss, the Earth Elemental one I was able to take him during the multi add phases but as target started to come down to one, he slowely was gaining on me, and if we were not wiping he'd would probably had taken me if did kill him.

I don't have the recount info on me, but his number one attack was OB and mine was SR.





I received 2 pieces of gear last night the Grunt's ring and Waist, The ring I did have on was a warforged blue from heroics that had 100+ Mulitstrike (enchant + Socket) / Crit. the belt is basically a better version then the one i had. The only upgrade he received last night was the cloak.


My dps averaged about 15.5 to 16k, he was closer to 17k


Str Flask
Multistrike food
Str Atunement Stone


I never Pre or Post Potted.

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His multistrike is a lot higher than yours and his trink procs increase his versatility which increases overall damage. If his trink proc km obliterate multi-striked you can see a  damage increase. Also your number one attack should usually end up being defile. Was the boss moved out of your defile a lot? In high movement fights where the boss doesn't baste in defile you'll see a dps decrease. 

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Ok we ran the first boss in Heroic Highmaul and things went a lot better. We changed some strats on how to best utilize me (Unholy Dk) So I ended up in the Crowd team. After ironing out all the strats we saw are first heroic kill after 5 wipes. I was consistently pulling 24k-26k dps. Closest second was a Hunter not sure of spec staying at 19k also part of the crowd team. Frost Dk stayed on boss and was pulling about 19k. This was a much better use of me, in normal we had him go up and I stayed on the boss his DPS suffered due to multi targets and being 2hand Frost. Throwing me in the stands was the correct choice and having him stay on boss was a stronger choice for his skill set.



Other things that I've observed is pre and post potting is essential to achieve max potential DPS, (Duh) I just didn't realize how important it was. On Blackenspore when I would pre/post pot my DPS was increased by +3k compared when i would not and only have food/flask. NOTE: these are just from information after wipes as we did not down him in Normal but it was pretty consistent in terms of differences between the 2.

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