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[Arcane] Whats the new rotation??!!

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I am a little lost when it comes to Arcane Rotation!!


I've been sticking to the, as you call it, classical AB/AM/ABarr MoP rotation cause its muscle memory for me right now and I seem to do 10k-12k dps in crap gear (iLvl 618 currently) with PC and Supernova. 


I've tried the same without PC and AO instead and I get a steady 10k and drop dps when I drop Supernova for NT.


I know Berlinia put out a lvl 100 guide for Arcane few months back, before WoD released, on what to do/pick at lvl 100 in terms of rotation and other things and it was suggested to do the even more classical Burn and Conserve method; but when trying that it seems to be very hard to get my mana to 50% if i use AM even once.


I also refuse, REFUSE! to use RoP anymore so that is prolly going to hurt me too, since MI seems to be tailored to Frost (as they are not affected by Mastery or Arc Power but are to all the frost stats and IV) and Incanters Flow just doesn't give the steady power RoP has. I still choose to go MI for the mobility and it seems, on my meter anyway, to pull slightly more ahead than if im on IF.


Also, what do we do in terms of AoEing adds, Mop style AE at 4 stacks and throw in a Cone of Cold when off CD or is there something new to do???

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SNx2, ABx4, AMx3 if they proc, Barrage to clear stacks (if you need), cone when feasible, SN on cd (long damn cd if you ask me), rinse repeat blahblahblah...


You might give your tank a second or three to secure aggro before you go with a double SN blast though.


I know, sounds like they just knocked us down and kicked us, but dps numbers are steadily improving with gear (hit 630 after first two in Highmaul tonight). It still just doesn't feel right not having blizzard, and arcane explosion is just too dangerous unless your tank is insanely geared. It's like what Killing Spree was for rogues in SoE, the "I'm going to die now" button.


As for rune vs. flow, I can't stay in one place long enough to use rune effectively, so I went with flow. I may retest it now that we've hit Highmaul, but I seriously doubt I will be able to make good enough use of rune since there is so much movement (except on Butcher, so maybe there). Stack of tomes will be in my bags for raids.

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Yeah I wait till I have 2-3 AB stacks before my first SN since SN does benefit from stacks, but I have noticed that with PC my SN with 4 stacks as well as AB's hit really hard...the only problem is getting the crystal just right. Seems to be that PC is better as an AoE alternative than a single target option unless the boss stays put most of the fight. If AM doesn't proc to 3 then do I dump stacks and recast AB till 3 are there or cast what AM I have then Abarr and repeat, throwing SN when available? Or keep casting AB a couple more times till SN is up and/or AM procs a 3rd? One thing is for sure Arane isn't so cookie cutter anymore.


About lvl 100 options, I know AO is no good for single target and is too unpredictable in mob pulls; IMHO Orb needs to be reworked, which is a bummer, to well just be better maybe in the form of a gylph or something to no make it fly through one group and hit the other. If they are truly throwing a little Diablo into WoW why not make AO like the original and have it detonate with a small AoE or even a SN at the end and that would be how it generates its charges with it doing something more than jsut that. Now I've used Overpowered too but did only 9K damage. Im sitting at 622iLvL right now and my dps is at 13k with PC and SN but still at the bottom of the dps charts so im still lost on how to generate the most damage. I kinda wish the Unstable Magic and RoP were switched so my lvl 90 choice would be 3 sided instead of 2 and UM would be an option.


That's what I was hoping the pro's would do but it seems like everyone, present company excluded, has gone frost :(

Still let me know what you think, any help is appreciated.


Oh as as for stacks or Tomes...I always carry 40ish, its the Arcane way,lol.

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Going back to Nether Tempest until the patch when they drop the cd on SN to make it a viable rotation tool. Also, my team has stabilized a bit as far as mechanics, and I am using rune on Kargath and Butcher, still using IF on Brack, Tectus and twins. Unfortunately, team attendance has made it necessary to train one or two new people past the first two so we have yet to defeat twins and progress to the final two. Orb takes a lot of practice to aim properly, in my experience, which, for me anyway, makes it kind of useless because it takes too long to aim, and I just have not played with PC enough yet to have a viable opinion. As I am currently concentration on not only the boss mechanics but staying out of the way of other players, I have not yet had the opportunity.


Not going Frost. Can't match my arcane numbers and the rotation still feels wrong.

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