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Multistrike vs Mastery (IV vs AMR)

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Looking into the stat weights on Icy veins and just about everywhere else it shows as multistrike being better.  But AMR is saying Mastery.  I was wondering if anyone has more input on this.


This is for Unholy DKs

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The two are very close in value and if I understand how they work correctly they support eachother very well.


Mastery increases your shadow damage done, so mainly Defile, Soul Reaper, part of Scourge Strike and Blood Plague. (To my knowledge all these effects can multistrike. Not 100% sure how scourge strike behaves regarding multistrike)


Multistrike causes its usual effect of additional damage, plus due to the Necrosis passive you get 5% more of it AND increases the damage of said multistrike on many abillities by 12% of your attack power. Most notably Soul Reaper which greatly benefits of having both high mastery (flat damage increase) and multistrike (higher multistrike damage).


TL;DR: Both are very valuable and having one increases the relative value of the other.

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Stats will change a lot in the first tier just between different item levels based on how much you have of one stat versus another. It could be as simple as whether they simmed with 630 ilvl or 680 ilvl. 


If you want perfect results you should download simcraft and run a sim from your armory to get exact stat weights for what will be your best stat with your current gear.

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Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried simming their charcter with different amounts of MS and Mastery? 


For simplicity lets say your total is 1000 Mastery and Multistrike combined, and running sims allocating a different ratio from that budget. Say one sim with 700:300, another 500:500, then 100:900. I'd be interested one stat surpasses the other at some rating or what would be the optimal ratio.

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As I was just using a 16 core server to render a video so I don't have to slow down my work computer, I realized I have other servers that sit around and only do something once or twice a day, so I have a simulation running right now on my character, 100k iterations, plotting all stats (to tell how good they are right now) and scaling 40 plots of 50 (meaning we'll have a graph of how good each stat is +/- 1000 from my current amount of the stat). I set it for light movement and elite player skill (not because I'm elite, but because we want to know how good stats and abilities are in a perfect world, not how good they are if you aren't perfect.


I'll post results later.

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Sim wasn't done running when I left work friday, and I forgot about it over the weeked, but it's done now. Based on my character, 650 ilvl, and roughly even 1200ish multistrike and mastery (Link in my signature). these are the stat weights I get.


Strength -        - 1.00

Weapon DPS  - 0.80

Multistrike       - 0.47 (multistrike was 0.04 higher before being normalized)

Mastery          - 0.47

Crit                 - 0.36

Versatility       - 0.31

Haste             - 0.26


So by my results Multistrike and Mastery are almost identical, this is based on my gear, not BiS 655, 670 , etc.


The plots didn't work for some reason, so I'm going to try to do that again. but for a light movement sim, elite skill, and 100,000 iterations, those results should be pretty accurate for anyone with around 1200 multistrike and 1200 mastery.

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I don't know, the jury is still out there. Personally I don't think there is enough data out yet to crown who's king as the sample size seems to small.


-Multistrike is a new fun stat for us that just works with everything we do dps wise but its a by % chance to do damage 30% x2.


-Mastery is just are old dependable stat that increases all shadow damage down, so by default it will never increase are Frost Fever, Auto Attacks, and physical part of Scourge Strike.


So its going to come down on how the two stats work in correlation with our pets, Ghoul (pre and post DT), AOD, and Garg. Another variable that will affect us on the long run is what the soft caps will be per point of secondary skill. (ie: how many points it takes to equal 1% of actual stat and stat inflation.)


Mastery and Multistrike are and should be the top priority when selecting gear, so if you can get a piece of gear with both (ie suffix merciless) then you good to go. However if you're replacing a piece of gear that is a better upgrade that replaces one for the other then you should feel ok in doing so (ie switching multistrike piece for a mastery piece.)


From my own observation, I find myself asking when is getting the better ilvl piece not consider the better upgrade. Upgrading to and from the harder difficulty tiers, its always better for your dps to go from Raid Finder < Normal < Heroic < Mythic no matter how crappy the secondary stats are combo’ d. (This is excluding trinkets atm.) The issue when higher ilvl wouldn’t be upgrade to your present gear would more be effected on “Warforge” of same difficulty tier gear. Again this is my own opinion but its not exactly a secret but heres my chart of how I will be upgrading.


Same Tier Difficulty:


Category A: king of the stats.



Category B: Would upgrade over category A if warforged and/or possible Socket

-Crit/MA, Crit/MS, VT/MS, VT/MA


Category C: Would not be worth upgrading away from Category A per Warforge. Possible upgrade IF Warforged and Socket, or normal + Socket

-Haste/MA, Haste/MS, Vert/Crit


Category D: Would not be worth upgrading from Category B and up per Warforge. Would concider Warforge + Socket

-Crit/haste, haste/VT


Now after all that, I haven’t really seen a Socket /tri stat on warforged gear as of yet. Also I haven’t really analyzed if past tier warforged gear would be upgrade for Category C and D to next difficulty tier non warforged. If I get more down time at work I’ll probably produce something, but when I’m off I’m just to busy playing the game tongue.png

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