Need help with stat weights.

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I have been running my WL though simcraft the past week, because i wanted too know my stat weights.
The problem that i am having now, is that the weights that simcraft gives me are not the same as are writen in the guide.
I am kinda new to this simcraft thing, so if i did something wrong please tell me^^

Pic of statweights,s,333333&chtt=Scale+Factors%7CMingle_Active+Damage+Per+Second&chts=dddddd,18&chs=550x270&chd=t1:4.30,3.90,1.88,1.77,1.56,1.49,1.46%7C4.26,3.86,1.84,1.74,1.52,1.45,1.42%7C4.33,3.94,1.91,1.81,1.59,1.52,1.49&chco=9482C9&chm=E,FF0000,1:0,,1:20%7Ct++++4.30++Int,9482C9,0,0,15,0.1,e%7Ct++++3.90++SP,9482C9,0,1,15,0.1,e%7Ct++++1.88++Crit,9482C9,0,2,15,0.1,e%7Ct++++1.77++Mult,9482C9,0,3,15,0.1,e%7Ct++++1.56++Haste,9482C9,0,4,15,0.1,e%7Ct++++1.49++Vers,9482C9,0,5,15,0.1,e%7Ct++++1.46++Mastery,9482C9,0,6,15,0.1,e&chds=-0.010,5.166&

and in the Destro guide it says :

  1. Intellect;
  2. Critical Strike;
  3. Mastery;
  4. Multistrike;
  5. Haste;
  6. Versatility.
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Mastery picks up significantly when you add in more targets.  Most fights have a nice steady stream of adds to generate embers off of which props mastery up.


I don't think in any real scenario Versatility could come close to being better than Mastery.

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