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Naxx Mage Secret Deck

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Its a deck i created in response to hunters and recently uprising aggro deck in NA ladder, i went up to rank 11 and i never saw someone with that deck. so here it goes :




1.So basiclly you want to pop a mad scientist as soon as possible to mind game a bit and for early board presence. The best is to trigger mirror entity with mad scientist, that way the mind game is better and you get a copy of whatever minion he can put on tour 3, wich is good against aggro


2. then your goal is to stall the game long enough for him to be in either pyroblast range or to kill him with frost bolt, ice lance + fireball combo ( 13dmg for 8mana)


3. Feel free to use fireball to clear since you got flamestrike for only ''real clear''.You also have Archmage Antonidas you can cycle fireballs endlessly. If you are a new Anto player, be aware that playing him alone at round 7 is a bit vulnerable, so if you have coin you can consider playing it with him and then freeze you opponent of minion with icelance for instant value. So i personally tend to keep a good hold of my ice lance till late game for its insane value in combo, and the way i do it is by the other shananigans above.


so that's pretty much it, if any questions or cards remplacement oppinions, feel free. i,m just a casual on the ladder ;)





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