First arena run with Rouge GvG

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So after a long break from Arena I (as all of you) got that crackling new ticket and gave Rogue a shot. I thought I had a pretty decent draft lots of two and four mana drops, but I got wrecked 2/3 never the less I got some impressions on the cards and this might not vary much from what has already been said.

  • Annoy-o-Tron into Iron Sensei (he is a very good buff for every Mech) is just great because it is a Sunwalker early.
  • Bomb Lobber is tons of value especially with Shadowstep and Anu'bar Ambusher. He is a good alternative to Stampeding Kodo as far as I can tell.
  • Snow Chugger it is really annoying when you are a weapon wielder to face that little fellow early.
  • Tinker's Sharpsword Oil in combination with a Spectral Knight is just gold.
  • Crackle is insanely good removal especially if you can follow it up with a Fire Elemental (or something else that compensates the random factor).

So far my first impressions.

How turned your first runs out?


Cheers Joe

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