WoD Warlock Destro need help with DPS (have logs)

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Hey all,

I was wondering if some more knowledge warlocks could help me out. I did some highmaul instances and I think I was doing ok but want to get feedback from better players on what I need to improve on. Below is a link to my warcraft logs.



Player is Erthelmi



Thanks in advance

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Just looking at the kill, as I'm on my phone, and lots of times, phone and WL don't mix well. Doing this the way I always do: basically following my initial thought process, which, IMO, helps you to see what you should be looking at during and after the fight.

Chaos bolt damage looks low. Could be a trinket issue, but I suspect there's more.

Havoc is being cast 3 times. Idk if you have it glyphed or not. I don't remember WoD timers yet, but I'm guessing you should be to sync up with the big add, unless you are on spore duty and using it to shadow burn havoc. Assuming your "best" usage, you got half of your optimal. Roughly.

2 casts of fire and brimstone? This seems highly situational. Like, all 4 mobs (two shooters, big guy, and boss) need to be up at a time, and In range. If you're regularly using it, you're likely to be better off just single targeting to generate embers and gaining dps from chaos bolt and shadow burn.

Speaking of which: 10 casts?! Dude, it's an add fight. There literally isn't a class in the game that gains a bigger boost than a destro lock. This should be your second or third highest damage ability. Definitely not below your RoF.

Not sure if RoF is worth it on two targets anymore. If so, the uptime should be higher, but I buried destro (happily) with the demo buffs. Nevertheless, played it for a year and a half.

Hope this helps! If you've got anything more specific, feel free to ask! And somebody should check your min/max/average chaos bolt damage and shadow burn damage during boss execute. But those graphs are bugging out on my phone.

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