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Unholy DPS very low last night.

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Hey everyone,


After tuesdays raid night I wasn't totally happy with my dps. I was 2h Frost and following the rotation as best as possible and landed around 15k. I'm new to the DK and figured if there was a time to switch spec it would be right now as I'm still learning the class.


I switched to unholy, spent all day wednesday and thursday before raid practicing, and felt pretty good about 15k dps on the dummy unbuffed. I landed right about 13k last night. 

My world of logs link doesn't work :(

One thing i noticed is that my defile damage is VERY low (boss was being moved very consistently) and only 1 of the bosses was down below 45% all night. 

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/blackrock/Tacosquids/simplearmory link


My question would be this: Do I stay the course, and as i get gear and as we get better as a guild my dps will go up? or am i really messing something up.


I did a world boss about an our later and my dps was 17k

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Your world of logs is giving me a page not found, you may want to check your link.


Unholy can be a tough spec to play compared to frost. I've put in about 30 attempts on various bosses this week, and 9 kills between normal and heroic. I've done a combination of frost and unholy and tried different talents and everything. At my best I can do about 18k as frost, and that easily puts me in the 75th-80th percentile as a frost DK, in Unholy my dps is all over the place, but even admittedly barely knowing what I'm doing, I do at least 17-18k dps in unholy, but that's only 30th percentile for an unholy DK.


There's just so much more dps potential with unholy right now, it's better to continue learning unholy and getting better at it.

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Can't get world of logs link to work for some reason. 


Just looking at logs i think im just moving around to much and not using defile properly. I've also got a lot of haste on my gear.

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I'm having the same issue. 
Simming my Dk in simcraft in the same gear, Frost gives me 21,159k, whereas Unholy gives me 22,548. That's a considerable difference, especially trying to down heroic bosses. 

My comparison isn't the same, I ran Frost in raid and was averaging 18-20k. And I didn't run Unholy in Raid. But I went into a CM, and my dps as frost was around 4k ahead of my dps as Unholy.

Tomorrow evening, we're going back into HM, and I'm going to try as Unholy and see how it runs, with warcraftlogs running so I can effectively compare. 

However, I'm curious as to what is the difference, why is my Unholy so far behind, when it should be better? 

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