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[US-Gorgonnash][A] Downfall LF Healers/DPS for Mythic Progression

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<Downfall> (alliance) is looking for talented raiders to join us in our quest to clear Mythic raid content as quickly as possible. We are a semi-hardcore raid; while we do not have the schedule or multiple alt requirements of a hardcore raid, we do take our time very seriously. We start promptly at 9pm EST and we expect our raiders to be extremely skilled at their class. We are in need for full-time raiders. We are not recruiting for bench-sitters, if you are excellent at your class, and are an asset to our raid you’re going to be invited and you’re going to see play time.


Raid times: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9pm EST – Midnight EST.


While we will consider extremely talented DPS / Hybrid DPS-Healers of all classes we do have some specific needs. Those needs include:


Highest need:


-Shadow Priest (optimally with a healing offspec)

-Boomkin (optimally with healing offspec)

-Mage (probably frost, but skilled at all specs)


Also being considered:


-Elemental Shaman (optimally with healing offspec)


-Windwalker Monk (optimally with healing offspec)



How to Apply:


First, we’d like to talk with you in Mumble. To arrange such a chat, contact one of these people in game: Traziemykel, Ataraxia, Scaron, or Painhax.


After that point, we’ll probably invite you to do a raid tryout or two. (Exceptions may be made for players who are able to provide strong evidence of their WoD performance via logs if those players are not currently on a realm connected to ours).


After tryouts, if we’ve made a love connection, you’ll be able to finish the application and guild joining process at our website: http://www.downfallguild.org


About <Downfall>:


We have been around on Gorgonnash-US (connected to Alterac Mountains, Balnazzar,  The Forgotten Coast, and Warsong) since 2004 and have raided end-game content successfully since that time. We have multiple mythic raid groups, a growing PVP group, and most importantly a strong community of people who like each other and value our little community a great deal.


The raid you would be joining is a progression-focused raid. Our main goal is to kill bosses quickly. When we raid, we get down to business.  We utilize a loot council to distribute loot in order to optimize raid (not personal) dps.


A few other points:


-       Most of us are grown ups. We are made up of teachers, college professors, law students, college students, business people, parents. We’re looking for more grown ups. Grown-ups who like killing Internet dragons are cool.


-       Homophobes, racists, and other dickheads need not apply.

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