[Balance] Tier 17 Tips and Tricks

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This thread is for Balance druid tips, tricks, and discussions in how to best handle the various boss fights throughout Tier 17 including Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry. Feel free to contribute or discuss anything encounter-specific you find from exceptional talent choices to ways to take advantage of class mechanics. 



-->Kargath Bladefist

-->The Butcher




-->Twin Ogron

-->Imperator Mar'gok


Blackrock Foundry

-->Gruul the Subjugated


-->Blast Furnace

-->Hans'gar and Franzok

-->Flamebender Ka'graz


-->Beastlord Darmac

-->Operator Thogar

-->Iron Maidens







Kargath Bladefist



The Butcher












Twin Ogron



Imperator Mar'gok



Blackrock Foundry


Gruul the Subjugated






Blast Furnace



Hans'gar and Franzok



Flamebender Ka'graz






Beastlord Darmac



Operator Thogar



Iron Maidens




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Not much here so I'll give my two cents for all those other balance druids out there.  I've only done Normal/Heroic so my info will apply to those.




Kargath Bladefist


NOTABLE TALENTS: Displacer Beast, Renewal (subjective), Soul of the Forest, Euphoria.  


-Displacer Beast; Perfect for quickly getting to a fire pillar (whilst avoiding tiger cages)


-Renewal; I only use renewal if I'm chosen to go up. I'll typically pull more than the tank can grab by using starfall and renewal provides a quick chunk of health. Nature's vigil could be a suitable choice, but because it's single target and the health could go elsewhere I do not use it.


-Soul of the Forest / Euphoria; Not too much movement this fight. With everything timed right DPS isn't hurt much. The most intrusive mechanic for dps is berserker rush. I always seem to be targeted by it. 

I stand near fire pillars at all times. (outside the hurt/knockback zone) If I'm unlucky and the pillar doesn't come back in time I displacer beast over to the most recent fire pillar.  If healers are in range I even stand behind the pillar so no movement needs to be done when he rushes. 



The Butcher


NOTABLE TALENTS: Renewal (subjective), Nature's Vigil, Soul of the Forest, Euphoria.


-Renewal; helps greatly if you are stacking cleave and during his frenzy


-Nature's Vigil; normally tied into my CD's so it's great for lust to help out the healers.


-Soul of the Forest/Euphoria; Higher movement fight, but still one target. I've tried alternative skills but can maintain the same dps with Soul/Euphoria as long as I time his knock backs (i.e. don't cast starfire for 2 seconds just to get it interrupted)

Easy fight with skill use self explanatory. I don't use sprint/ displacer beast in this fight because it's either two short of a distance (and im already knocked back) AND because it always screws me up trying to pop back into boomkin.   




NOTABLE TALENTS: Displacer Beast, Incarnation, Balance of Power


-Displacer Beast; Perfect for quick getaways. Can also be used to cross mist.
-Incarn/Balance; Because of the high movement and multiple targets I use incarn/balance.  Apply sunfire/moonfire to everything. Once four adds are out use starfall and try to keep applying sunfire/moonfire. If you can stop and cast do normal rotation but use starfall instead of starsurge only if more than Four adds are up.  Remember to maintain dots, but try not to was GCD's but dotting targets already tagged. 




I've altered my talents for heroic/normal version of Brakenspore. Only because on Brakenspore Heroic that adds were not going down has fast so it was worth going with Incarnation/Balance for more dot damage on Brakenspore / Giant add thing. And because healers can't keep shrooms up as well there is more movement.


 On normal I run Soul/Euphoria. 

Talents really only depend on if you are on flamethrowers or not. (which supposedly druids excel at) I typically use displacer beast / sprint / roar to increase movement speed on moss.  I've seen both types dps talents chosen while on flamethrower and they both can work. 




NOTABLE TALENTS: Displacer Beast,  Renewal (subjective),  


-Displacer Beast; great for getting under orbs quickly


-Renewal; great for self healing when you are getting the shield


I haven't include notable dps talents this go around because you are just trying to break his shield down. I usually go soul/euphoria, no reason to change it up.  I'm usually on orbs. Don't starfall unless the adds are in the right place. 


Twin Ogron



Another one of those "I'm not sure what talents to use" fights. The fight is high movement and there is two targets.  Incarnation/Balance has it's uses but I've managed to pull the same numbers using Soul/Euphoria.  Use roar/displacer beast to get out of falling rocks or to quickly get to enfeebling roar. Just stay alive this fight.  I kept renewal on to make it easier on the healers. 


Imperator Mar'gok


NOTABLE TALENTS: Displacer Beast, Renewal, Nature's Vigil, Soul of the Forest, Euphoria.


-Displacer Beast; Useful for taking out brands and avoiding nova's. (or other mechanics) BEWARE: Watch where you are jumping to if avoid a nova. You could end up in the middle of a mine. (whoops) 


-Renewal; I'm selfish and want all the heals I can get.

-Nature's Vigil; Tied to CD's so helps healer during burst phases


-Soul of the Forest/Euphoria; Because of the movement on this fight (and multiple targets) I've tried using Incarnation/Balance, but I have noticed a significant decrease in DPS. I believe this is mainly due to the fact the most of the fight is single target and when the adds pop up they die to quickly to benefit from the dps gain on moonfire/sunfire.  I've also tried Stellar Fire, but I can't seem to get that rotation to pull decent numbers anywhere.  My dps is much lower on Imperator Mar'gok than any other fight in highmaul.  








That's all the info I have to offer! Feel free to tear me to shreds with your opinions! 

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Mythic tips

NON-DPS-Talents: Displacer Beast, Renewal, Nature's Vigil
DPS-Talents: Incarnation, Euphoria

- At bosspull, use standard opener with Inc,CA,pot,usetrinkets etc (Bloodlust included)
- Dot and dmg the cat when spawned
- As Moonkin, you should be assigned to be sent up to arena's stand
- Use Starfall at arena's stand and dot up as much as possible
- Save your 2nd Inc/CA/pot when you are being sent again up to arena's stand
- Renewal can save your ass up there if tanks cannot handle your DPS aggro

NON-DPS-Talents: Displacer Beast, Renewal, Nature's Vigil
DPS-Talents: Incarnation, Euphoria

- Standard max DPS fight. Not much to say.
- Guild should use Bloodlust at start of fight
- You should cast Inc/CA,pot/usetrinket at pull
- guild should play a tactic which has almost no movement in it (except of knockback before cleave)
- if you have haste-on-use trinket save it for your 2nd Inc/CA
- Use Renewal and Nature's Virgil when boss gets Enraged (<35% hp) to help healers
(- general tip: the healers should be out of range of bloodlust (100yards) when pulling the boss, so they can get Bloodlust at <35% boss hp)

NON-DPS-Talents: Displacer Beast, Renewal, Nature's Vigil
DPS-Talents: Incarnation, Euphoria // alternative: Incarnation, Balance of Power
Gylph:  Dash

- Moonkins should use the flamethrower
- Dont overheat and try continuously to build up stacks to atleast >15/>20
- At bosspull, use standard opener with Inc,CA,pot,usetrinkets etc
- keep them Dots up at everytime and Starfall
- start creeping Moss when Brackenspore has finished casting Infesting spores. You have enought time before the next Spore Shooters spawn.
- Use Dase or Roar to maximum speed and use travel form (while not having Dashbuff up)
- You can Displacer Beast thru the Call of the Tides!

Twin Ogron:
NON-DPS-Talents: Displacer Beast, Renewal, Nature's Vigil
DPS-Talents: Incarnation, Euphoria // alternative: Incarnation, Balance of Power

- At bosspull, use standard opener with Inc,CA,pot,usetrinkets etc (Bloodlust included)
- Keep dots rolling on both targets
- Keep Starfall up
- Roar and Hunters Fox at empowered Whirlwind
- use Displacer Beast to blink thru fire (quake) or try to avoid it with as less movement needed as possible
- Renewal if you get hit by an empowered Charge (Arcane Charge)

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I suggest the following for Normal / Heroic Blackrock Foundry


General Talents:

- Displacer Beast

- Renewal (an additional "healpotion" every 2 minutes. Can save you)

- Nature's Virgil (little helping hand for the healers in critical moments)



Incarnation / Euphoria

Although there is a lot of theoretical discussing about using SotF for pure Singetarget fights, I recommend Incarnation, because of the fact of real numbers. If you look at the Top Warcraftlogs-Rankings you'll see Incarnation used as Talent not SotF



Incarnation / Euphoria

Same here as for Gruul. Also, SotF would become ineffective the momemt you hit Starfall what you definitively will use for the orecrates.

Tip: In the rolling phase stay in the center of the room, you will be able to continue casting Starfires and Wraths at him almost the whole time


Blast Furnace:

Incarnation / Euphoria or Balance of Power.

Which of both you choose will depend on two things:

1. Is your guild progressing this Boss and do you need to have max DPS in the last phase? -> Euphoria

2. No progress, just farming the boss and trying to max AOE -> BOP (Euphoria is also still good enough to get high DPS, use w/e you feel more comfortable with)



Incarnation / Euphoria

Incarnation because you have (mostly) two targets available and you keep Starfall up in Lunar (avoid Starfall in Solar) while both bosses are targetable. When 1 Boss leaves to area you will single target DPS to other one using Starsurge.


Flamebender Ka'graz:

Incarnation / Euphoria.

Most of the time a singletarget fight. Use your 2nd/3rd INC/CA and Starfall for the wolves only.



Same as Ka'graz - > Incarnation / Euphoria.

INC/CA and Starfall for the "hands"



Incarnaton / Euphoria

Keep Dots rolling on spears and try to be in Solar Eclipse when Pack Beasts spawn to Sunfire them by one cast.

Keep Starfall up aslong Beasts and/or Spears are available



Incarnation / Euphoria

Save 2nd/3rd etc INC/CA for adds and Starfall them.



Incarnation / choose one smile.png

This one is tricky. If I look into the logs of the Top Ranked Mookins (post 6.1) I see Stelar Flare, BoP or Euphoria being used.

So it seems for this kinda fight those talents are really close to each other. I would suggest you to try those talents each by another and then use the one you feel uncomfortable with.


Dot all 3 targets and keep Starfall up

keep Dots rolling on every time

Starfall in Lunar only when 1 Boss jumps to the boat leaving 2 targets available for you. Use SS in Lunar if you are about to get 3 charges



Incarnation / Euphoria

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Iron Maidens last talent probably depends if the druid is going to the ship or not. If you're going to the ship you'll probably want euphoria. If you're staying on the main ground all time - stellar flare should be better. Can't confirm this however.

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