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650 oder 661 gloves; stats hurt...

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So, I just got gloves from Tarlna and from Kargath


Tarlna: 650,

151 Agi / Int

226 Vit

101 Versatility

101 Multistrike

86 Movementspeed




Kargath: 661 (Warforged)

167 Agi / Int

251 Vit

93 Vers

123 Mastery


Which ones to use? As Mainheal / 2nd Windwalker...

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I would recommend using Ask Mr. Robots 'Best in Bag' feature. Its pretty handy for checking these kinds of things and accounts for MS / OS.



Now since you main a Mistweaver, I'll try to optimize a little bit for that.




I based these weights mainly on the Mistweaver weights for Mr. Robot, but I made versatility just slightly higher becasue its apparently good for Windwalker. The result is that the lower Ilvl piece is slightly itemized better for both specs, but its such a small difference 


Something interesting I wanted to point out: if you keep all the weights the same from Mr. Robot (don't change their versatility and haste weights) you get this:




This actually puts the higher item level piece as slightly better because of the amount of versatility on each piece.



TL;DR: It really doesn't matter which you choose. Itemization wise, I feel the one with Multistrike / Versatility is a much better piece since Multistrike and (somewhat) Versatility are useful for both specs, the loss of Int / Agi wont make that much of a difference and the RNG of Multistrike will even our or be better anyway.


I would still run it through Mr. Robot's Best in Bag feature though to see what it tells you.

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Sorry for being late here, but unless you're running seriously out of bag space, why not keep both?


The higher ilvl item is slightly better at MW, but the lower ilvl item is slightly more suited at WW (1458.95 vs. 1418.05 using Robot's weights for WW). This is primarily due to mastery's uselessness for windwalkers; it takes a lot of Agility to make the stat loss on secondaries up.

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Nvm, got the 670 HC Gloves today :D until today, I kept the lower lvl ones, as I really liked the Multistrike and the Movementspeed...not that much, but just in case...now it is Versatility and Mastery, but 670, which (via more Int / Agi) evens out the worse "roll"

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