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yet another mana problem thread

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I seem to be using way too much mana in highmaul and i can't quite put my finger on why that is

i guess im going oom because im casting mushroom too often/not efficient enough

maybe it is because i just plainly use too many spells

or its just that the other healers aren't healing enough, but i had the same problem on another run with better healers (which i haven't got a log for) so i think this isn't really it


can anyone help me identify the problem or confirm one of my ideas?


log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/7gVN3ZmacHw82fP4


armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/azshara/Ransharo/advanced


i guess some good enchants would help a bit, but i can't really imagine they would help enough to solve my mana problems


i can probably add another log later so you have more data to look at

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Okay, well the logs aren't in English, but I can gather what's what to a degree. Enough to give this little bit of advice.

I think you may be casting Rejuvenation too much. I know it's your bread and butter spell, but it's very easy to get spammy with rejuvenation and it can very quickly leave you oom. What I can say is: only use rejuvenation on players who just took a big hit, watch your mana carefully and because your taking germination I would ONLY double-rejuvenation on the tanks. Track your rejuvenation on your UI so you can see how long it has left and be careful about casting on players who still have one ticking.

If mana still becomes an issue, maybe try switching your 100 talent to moment of clarity until you feel more comfortable with your mana regen. 

I'm not a resto-druid at the moment, but I played it a bit last expansion so I'm using my knowledge of what I did to help conserve mana then to help now. But if someone who's actually playing resto could give some insight that'd be nice ^^'

Hope this is of some help. 

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The two things that cause you to run out of mana as a healer are trying too hard and poor spell choice.


Now that Blizzard has moved to a healing model where it is intentional that you are not often at full HP and there are no mechanics that just happen out of the blue to one shot you if you're not at full health, it's especially important that you aren't healing more than you need to.  You don't die until you lose your last 1 HP.  Everything more than 1 HP is just a safety barrier to protect that 1 HP.  You only need to keep people healed to the point that they aren't going to die if they take some damage before you give them some more loving.


If someone has 120k HP out of a max 240k HP (sitting at 50%) and the most unavoidable damage they can expect to take (that is, if they don't do something stupid like walk into fire) is 75k over the next 10 seconds, they're safe.  You don't need to continue healing them until you've gotten everyone else safe, and then you can worry about getting them to full HP.  If a boss has an ability coming up that deals 100k damage over 5 seconds, you only need to have your raid at 101k HP with the exception of the tanks who need to have enough HP to survive that ability plus the boss's regular tank damage stuff.


If you cast a heal on someone and any part of that heal goes past their maximum HP, you have wasted mana. If they're that close, they'll get there from all the passive healing that goes around. Don't waste your heals on them.


The other thing that loses you mana is choosing the wrong spells to cast.  Compare Healing Touch and Regrowth. They're both a single-target, cast-time heal, but:

  • Regrowth heals for less (a crit Regrowth is about equal to a non-crit Healing Touch)
  • Regrowth has almost half the cast time of Healing Touch (is faster).
  • Healing Touch has almost half the mana cost of Regrowth.
  • Healing Touch can heal for a lot more if it crits.
  • Regrowth (non-glyphed) can set up for Swiftmend.

Unless you need them to be healed right this moment, or you need the HoT present for Swiftmend, you shouldn't be using Regrowth.  You used Regrowth almost twice as much as you used Healing Touch, which looks like a problem.


Let's add Swiftmend to the mix.  Swiftmend is MUCH more efficient than Regrowth. It heals for as much as Healing Touch (really just a hair less), and it's almost as cheap as Healing Touch.  Regrowth and Swiftmend have the same execution time, but by being instant cast Swiftmend heals BEFORE that execution time instead of after. Swiftmend is a great spell to use, and yet you used it only three times in that entire fight.


We also have two HoTs with which to raid heal: Wild Growth and Rejuv.

  • Rejuv costs about one-fourth of Wild Growth
  • Rejuv does its full healing over 12 seconds (15 seconds with Germination) compared to Wild Growth's 7 seconds
  • Rejuv heals for four-fifths of Wild Growth per target (heals same amount with Germination) over its duration.
  • Wild Growth heals five targets (6 with glyph) to Rejuv's one
  • Wild Growth has the same execution time as Rejuv, but is not instant.

From an efficiency standpoint:

  • Wild Growth is cheaper in terms of healing done per mana spent if it heals five targets or more.
  • Applying Rejuv to five targets takes almost as much time as Wild Growth's duration
  • Wild Growth's HoT has higher HPS per target.

Despite this, you're jamming on Rejuv all the time with not a single Wild Growth cast that I see in the log. This is what's killing your mana.

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alright, got another log on heroic butcher, felt like i healed better here(also the other two healers were really good)



what should i cast instead of rejuv tho? there isn't that much you can do that is as efficient as rejuv and you somehow gotta stop people from dieing


i don't really like moment of clarity since it forces you to instantly use 2-3 (in the best case) regrowths which very well might be overhealing a lot(and if you misjudge the cast time it may end up costing you mana,too) or you might not be able to use it at all since you are moving or casting tranq etc


besides, being able to use 2x rejuv on the same target isn't the only benefit to germination,it also increases rejuvs duration by 3 seconds, further increasing it's efficiency


edit:on a side note, can i somehow translate the combat log?

Edited by alakar

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i just noticed that i didn't cast lifebloom at all in the last couple of attempts. man im an idiot.(it's getting late >.<)



thank you for your detailed response



i should really look at the spells healing amounts, thought RG would heal about as much as HT, just faster and more expensive >.<

i pretty much only use RG when i get clearcasting procs tho(or when someone REALLY needs healing),so i guess the amount of regrowths is fine



i would really like to use a lot of WG, but it always seems to seek out the guy at 98% HP who really doesn't need any healing right now, so i only use it when a lot of people have taken quite some damage(so the chance of it healing a useless target is lower)


so overall i should try to let people drop lower if possible, use less over-time healing and focus more on direct/short term healing with healing touch, swiftmend and wild growth, correct?

Edited by alakar

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