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I made a post on reddit looking for dps help and was told to come here.

To start off, I am a 637 MM hunter

I was raiding last night and other hunters with 633-634 ilvl were doing 18-19k dps while I was doing around 14-15k dps.

I was also told to post some logs, but I don't have logs from that raid. I have a 10 min log from a dummy, but if that's not enough please say so

If you need anymore info please say so


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Hey man, glad you decide to post. :) The info you've provided is more than enough and I'll be looking it over right now.

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So right off the bat what I noticed was your Murder uptime. You should've had 20 casts give or take. You only managed 10. A spell on a 30 second cooldown that does that much damage should definitely be cast on cooldown, you can refer to the priority in which you cast it in my guide. Same with the opener.


Here is the link. https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/7530-warlords-of-draenor-all-inclusive-hunter-guide/


Next thing I decided to take a look at was how often you're casting abilities. A lot of damage can be scraped up simply by spamming your keys to queue your next spell immediately. This comes with time and requires you have a very good awareness of the class and be pretty good at managing your focus.


Now I'll get more in depth.


This is your amount of Chimaera Shots you cast.



Ideally you would want this to be one every 9 seconds. since the fight was 610 seconds long / 9 (the cooldown of the spell) we get 67. So you missed out on 11 Chimaera Shots. 


This cost you 400k+ damage over the course of the fight. Putting you just shy of 15k. If we go ahead and add that damage increase to the increase you would've gained for casting more Murders, you would've been at 16k. So right there we've closed the gap immensely. 


I'll take a look at your trinket usage, which seems to be non existent. Mind posting an armory link so I can take a look at what trinkets your using, because you have 0 procs other than Megawatt. Rapid fire usage was fine, nothing to complain about you managed to get 5 in. Could've gotten a 6th but you decided to end your DPS. No harm no foul there.


Your CPM (Casts Per Minute) seems to be fine, I managed to do 38 on my Butcher kill, so 34 is not poor.


That is basically the extent of what I can see with the dummy log. If at all possible, next time you are in Highmaul, go ahead and log the whole thing. Specifically Butcher and I'll see if there's anything else I can point out. All in all, try doing what I mentioned, take a look at the pinned guide at the top of the forums, and let me know if there's anything I can help with.

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Yeah not using your trinkets is probably close to enough to bring you in line with the other hunters. Assuming you get favorable RNG in your opener. Feel free to check out my guide for information about your priority and opener.

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