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Need help with some Log analyse

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Hey guys so i think im pretty much sure on the first 6 HC bosses but for some reason i never felt quite conformable on Mar'gok, and wanted to see if any of you guys could give me some pointers as to what im doing wrong.


i know that my uptime on immolate is a bit low, and that is somthing im working on atm with all the movement there is in that fight.


also ive been testing out if RoF would be a boost in single target dmg, but went away form it again as i felt like i went oom very fast.



here are the logs from our wipefest tonight.



this is my armory.


Thank you in advance for what input you can come with.



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Quit using Rain of Fire.  Period.  If you have to use it enough for AoE, Charred Remains would be a better option. 


It all starts with Immolate.  Immolate deals damage and generates Burning Embers which gives you more Chaos Bolts and more damage.  DoT uptime is rule #1 for all DPS.  Track it so you do it better.

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